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Doesnt want to use Paypal

(Rachel) #1

I have had 2 sales, but the lady has messaged me to say she doesnt want to use paypal. I have messaged her my address and asked her to send a cheque but she wanted my name and account details. Has anyone else had this and is the okay by the rules of Folksy @folksycontent

Thank you


(Jo Sara) #2

Hi Rachel,

Have you told your customer she doesn’t have to open a Paypal account to pay, there is a link in the checkout screen that says ‘Pay by Debit/Credit Card’, or something similar and that bypasses the Paypal account bit, and becomes like any other online transaction being paid by card.


(Rachel) #3

Oh really I havent seen that, thank you I will message her. Thank you Jo

(Rachel) #4

Rather wish I hadnt sent her my address now, :frowning:

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #5

You address is visible to customers once they have made purchases anyway, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

I accept payment by bank transfer and cheque and Postal Order - some people simply don;t want to do Paypal, and don’t grasp that you can use a debit / credit card on here to pay. I’ve never had an issue with anyone who has paid this way - I just let them know that cheques need to be cleared in my bank before I can send the item, and you can mark the item as paid manually on your dashboard.

(Rachel) #6

Yes, yes it is visible I had forgotten, thank you Sara Leigh, @DandelionsGallery Rachel

(Camilla) #7

What account details did you give her? Could you email with the order details? Then we can look into it for you and make sure it’s all ok.

(Roz) #8

People are often wary of giving out their bank details but if you think about it we all do it all the time when we buy things over the phone, by post or set up a direct debit for things like insurance etc. I don’t think any harm can come by giving out account name, account number and sort code, they won’t be able to access your account without security details. I know I have accepted direct bank transfers in the past without any problem.

(Rachel) #9

Email sent. Rachel

(Rachel) #10

Thanks Roz, I am perhaps a little too cautious but I have not had this before. Rachel

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #11

Yes, and it’s no more info going out for a bank transfer than is printed on a cheque you send out.

I admit I worried the first time I gave out details for a bank transfer, until I realised that the info was already on lots of cheques I had to sent to people over the years :slight_smile:

(Rachel) #12

The lady said she would send a cheque sometime this week, so I have left it at that, for now. If she gets back to me I will give her my account number etc. What a pickle. Thank you for all your help everyone. Rachel

(Heidi Meier) #13

Hi - if she is sending you a cheque she only needs your address. She probably means a bank payment transfer, for which she would need your bank details and yes, as has been pointed out, that info is pretty much public information if you issue cheques yourself. You could remind her she gets protection if she pays via PayPal (and she doesn’t need to register with them she can use it as a guest which is slightly different) and she would probably appreciate that if she is worried about online security (which is why some people don’t like the idea of signing up to PayPal). Hope it gets sorted! :slight_smile: