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Badges - How to Get Them?

So I noticed that we get badges for doing certain things on here. As far as I can tell they don’t actually do anything - at least in the beginning stages.

However, my super competitive side comes out when you give me challenges like this so now I want to collect all the badges (in time, I know some will take awhile). But I’m stuck on “First Link” and “Reader.” Has anyone else achieved those? What am I doing wrong?

I’ve read threads that are over 100 posts long - and that’s not a quick task! Am I supposed to mark each post or something that I’ve read it somehow?

And what is an “internal link”? I got the “First Share” badge for I think it was sharing someone else’s previous posts into mine, but I actually put it in as a link…so I’m a bit lost.

Anyone have any ideas?

If you fill in the autobiography in your profile you can get that badge and if you write a post, change your mind and go back and edit it you can get an editor badge.
Good luck with the collection.

Yeah I’ve got those ones - essentially by accident at the beginning which got me on to this badge thing! lol

Here’s the full list. You could quote someone, read the FAQs, lots of ways to get more badges.

Good luck!

I’ve seen that link - and I’ve tried to follow the directions on it, but either I’m reading it wrong or it doesn’t want to give me the badges - specifically for First Link and Reader.

Guess I may just need to try more trial and error! sad times

I think first link is a link to one of the other forum posts so you would need to copy URL for a thread and then post that in a new thread - for example someone was asking for tips the other day and I pointed them a thread that already existed by copying an pasting the URL in the comments box - hope that makes sense.

Readers badge - anyones guess - I remember being a bit confused about that one - it seemed to appear randomly but then I do spend quite a bit of time on the forums reading threads!

Lol, I got most of my badges by accident! I haven’t worked out how I haven’t got the read FAQ one, but I did get the reader one and it was just after I’d read a long thread. I came to the conclusion that maybe they should have a “spends too much time on the forums” badge which might motivate me to do more listing and less chatting!


The badges do nothing and mean nothing - it’s really not worth the bother of trying to get them :slight_smile:


I agree with Sara, ignore the badges and spend the time crafting! :smile:

Yeah I figured they didn’t mean much - but it must be my OCD personality coming out. Once I’ve got one I must have them all! haha.

I got one for fb likes and didn’t even know I could get badges, will check out the link though :smile: