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Is there a page that explains the badges

Hi everyone

Could someone explain the badges page please.



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This might help

Is that what you meant?

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Thanks Louisa

I’ve just noticed that I’ve lost one of my badges and no longer have access to the lounge … Is that because I’ve not been on here much lately?


Oh dear @wildrosedesigns I don’t know, I don’t even know what the lounge is?

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Yes, that’s correct, access to the lounge is governed by how much you use the forum, so you’ll have lost that badge if you’ve not been on here much lately. You can regain it though, if you start using the forum more! :smile:

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Amberlilly, the lounge is a part of the forum only accessible to those who use the forum a lot (like me!) :smile:


Thanks Margaret, I thought that might be the case :blush:

Thxs @Louisa15 something to work to.

Not a lot happens in the lounge! The good thing about that badge though is that you get the ability to recategorise threads for those who don’t know where to put them, and you can correct spelling mistakes in thread titles too. I like to be helpful so I like being able to do these things for people :smile:

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I must admit, I’m not a fan of the badges and I don’t use the lounge - it all seems a bit random.

Sarah x

This is all useful information being a new comer my self, thank’s Margaret


I’ve still got my badge for the lounge which I’m quite shocked about because I don’t think I spend alot of time on the forums.

I seem to have lost my lounge badge so I’m going to post all over the forum in the hope of getting it back. Just because I was incommunicado for two days while I helped my daughter move house is no reason to be debadged ! :frowning:

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I’ve been de-badged many times Joy, in fact I’m de-badged at the moment!

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I’ve raised an official support ticket to ask for mine back !

I’ve just got a “thank you” and “appreciated” badge, didn’t even know they existed! According to above threads they don’t mean much so what is the point of them?

No point at all!
They are nothing to do with Folksy, just something the forum providers include. Perhaps in some forum situations they would have a purpose.