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Signed in Front Page Misalignment?

(Joy Salt) #1

Anyone else getting an odd layout for their signed in front page about half way down. I’ve not been fiddling with my resolution but maybe Folksy has ?

It seems to sort itself out if I wait a while but it certainly made me think my eyes needed testing !

PS: I’ve tried adjusting resolution up and down but no difference. I use Google Chrome.
It is ok in Firefox. No idea in IE as I don’t use it.

(Little Black Heart) #2

the front page seems ok to me - but when i click on a category, say “art” for example, the “recent activity” bar at the bottom shows up like this, with the pictures and text all jumbled up:

(i am using internet explorer though, so it’s probably my fault) :wink:

(Dawn Sneesby) #3

Mine keeps getting all jumbled too, has been for a few days now, when scrolling everything seems to be all over the place and if I go onto another page I can still see bits from the previous page if that makes sense. I’m using google chrome.

(Joy Salt) #4

@folksycontent Are you aware of this issue ?
Joy xx

(Sally Eira) #5

There has been text overlapping listings on my page etc
and every and now and then the main page changes.
I know Folksy has been adding new facilties & making improvements for sellers so put it down to this work being done.

(Little Black Heart) #6

poor doug and his overworked spanner! :slight_smile: xx

(Joy Salt) #7

I’ve messaged Folksy support with this.

(Dawn Sneesby) #8

Is anyone still getting the jumbled front page? It really is getting on my nerves now, hopefully it will get sorted tomorrow when Folksy are fully staffed.

(Joy Salt) #9

Mine has been ok since I messaged support but it’s gone all iffy on my laptop again tonight. Makes me want to reach for my glasses !

@folksycontent you might like to see if you can get this effect - use the screen scroll bar…

Oh dear. Just realised it’s when I’m on my own page now after being on the Front page. Something to do with the scroll bar because when I move my cursor of it the page seems to sort itself out but this is not a pretty picture

img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/d/daac823a0a1261bcfe1251f9b4a73b14f565f3e3.jpg" width=“500” height=“317”>

(Dawn Sneesby) #10

Mines the same Joy, seems to be on every page now.

(Joy Salt) #11

I’ve sent Support a link to this topic.

(Camilla) #12

We’ve been looking into this issue today and it looks like it’s specific to Internet Explorer.

So I’ve been asked to ask you all the following questions…

• Is this happening in other browsers?
• Is your version of Chrome up-to-date? (If not can you update it and see if it still happens?)
• Could you try turning off hardware acceleration by going to chrome://flags in address bar, find Enable GPU rasterization or GPU compositing on all pages and set to disabled. Relaunch browser.

I don’t know what that last one means but hopefully it makes sense to you.

(Joy Salt) #13


It doesn’t happen in Firefox.

I don’t use Internet Explorer and can’t as my version is so out of date my computer would probably go bang if I tried it.

I’m getting this on both computers, both on Chrome. This one is certainly up to date, the other may not quite be as I sometimes get irritated with it keep updating itself and hogging my processing power so I switch it off in Services but it generally switches itself on again as soon as it notices !

I’ve disabled that whatever it was you asked and it didn’t help - not at all - if anything it’s worse.


(Dawn Sneesby) #14

Hi Camilla,
Chrome is up to date but daren’t do the next bit it says proceed with caution.

(Joy Salt) #15

I’ve just tried very hard to work out when it does it and when it doesn’t.
It does it after I’ve gone to my shop via Shop View from the menu, pretty consistently. If I refresh by hitting my avatar it doesn’t do it.
If I change resolution it does it.
But it only does it once for each selection of Shop View. I have to go out to Folksy front page or somewhere else in Folksy then select Shop View from the menu and then it’s 50/50 whether it does it or not.

I’m switching this one off now but will go and have a play on the laptop and see if I can any more conclusive results.
Is this something that Doug changed at the end of last week or has Google changed something ?

( Valerie Dockerty) #16

HI Camilla
I use internet Explorer and have not had any problems

(Joy Salt) #17

Definitely something to do with resolution percentage. When I fiddle about with that it happens a lot.

(Patricia Smith) #18

Hi Camilla. I use Chrome, probably not an up-to-date version, and I am having the same problems. The page breaks up and parts of it are repeated as you scroll down. This is happening on both signed-in and signed-Out home pages and on my own shop page. As Joy found, refreshing the page seems to sort it out. I have also been experiencing this for about 5 days or so. Don’t really want to mess with my desktop as it’s on it’s last legs. I don’t seem to have a problem with Safari. Pat

(Sally Eira) #19

am using firefox and all fine

(Joy Salt) #20

Silly question, probably but… the problem I was having on Folksy (which is actually ok again at the moment) is also affecting other sites. My Facebook page display keeps getting the same overwritten display and my husband commented the bank site had done the same earlier.

My Chrome is up to date, I’ve cleared the cache and am puzzled as to what is happening. It affects my laptop (wifi) and PC (ethernet wired) (both are on Xp and using Chrome) …and my husband dropped in that his Hudl tablet keeps getting it too.

It does it using other people’s wifi too. all very odd.

Anyone else know what I’m talking about and it if it is happening to you too you will know what I mean !