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Being seen on Folksy-bit confused as to how it works?!

(Miss Bespoke) #1

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Folksy and about confused as to how to be seen? I’ve only added half of my stock so far but we don’t add tags so how do we pop up in peoples searches etc? Also if anyone has any tips as to how I can improve the shop that would be great-I’ve read allot of posts on here so not sure if thats allowed. Basically I think I’m just looking for a little reassurance that its going to go okay on here! x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

I think you need to think what will people type into a search when looking for your artwork. Then put those words into your titles.

But most traffic to your shop will come via your directing it there. By that I mean all your promoting work via social media, business cards, face to face talking to people. etc

Identifying your target market and promoting in those areas.

I hope some of that helps

(Contours Albion) #3

Hi @MissBespoke, I’m new here too so can’t give much advice on improvements at the moment but I’ve looked at your shop and it is great. Your artworks are lovely with great photos. I agree with @EileensCraftStudio with regards to promoting your work via social media and working on your titles. Best of luck to you :smile:

(Miss Bespoke) #4

@eileenscraftstudio and @contoursAlbion thank you so much for your tips and words. I am hoping I will get to know my way around in due course! xxx

(Suzanne (Sue) Casey) #5

I love your shop Aimee. I’m sure once you get noticed you’ll do great :slight_smile:

(Ali Tregaskes) #6

Hi MissBespoke
Your work is really beautiful and unusual, how lovely, i’m very tempted to buy. get out there and spread the word, you will do very well. alitjewellery

(Miss Bespoke) #7

Thank you so much @altjewellery and @tattstreasures. I am going to read up on some stuff on the folksy blog to understand some more I think? I need to get better at linking everything together! x