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Newbie saying hi everyone!

(WordsInk) #1

Hi everyone!

Dipping a toe into the Folksy Fray… If you like my work, do drop by and say hi… - also would love to hear your experiences of selling on here… good, bad or indifferent!

(Roz) #2

Hi @WordsInk, love your shop so far. I’ve been on Folksy for nearly 3 years now and it has been a lot of hard work and continuous promotion and it doesn’t stop even when you start getting sales. I probably spend almost as much time promoting my shop as I do making. My advice would be to add as much as you can to your shop to give customers plenty to look at to keep them interested in your shop and then just promote as much as you can via all the social media sites available and any other methods you can think of! Join in a few of the threads on the forum to try and get yourself seen.

Good luck

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(BeePrints ) #3

A really nice shop Wordsink.

(proggyandtweed) #5

Reaally unusual. I like your work. Good luck!

(Elaine) #6

Hi Nichola, welcome to Folksy, what a beautiful idea you have there, lovely shop. As Roz said, promotion is key to selling - and giving people choice. One other thing that I noticed when looking at your listings - perhaps include a few more details. As people will have to rely on photographs and description alone, details on sizings, materials, colours used will help people visualise (may seem obvious but I have a blind customer who needs this information when she listens to descriptions and it was this that made me realise how important it is).

Good luck! Elaine

(WordsInk) #7

Thanks so much everyone for bothering to look and reply! Thanks also for the suggestions… I have been on Etsy for a while and, yes, promotion is key - and very demanding! Etsy seems to have gone rather downhill unfortunately and now with Amazon Handmade on the horizon too… I like that this is UK based so thought I’d see. Thanks Ellie too for flagging up about details on sizing, materials etc… I just didn’t get around to it yet, takes a while to get used to navigating all the different sites I find!

Thanks again and have a great (chilly) week!


(Tina Martin) #8

Hi Words.Ink, really lovely items in your shop. Yes, I agree, promoting on Social media is the key. Good luck and have fun! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Karen Ellam) #9

Welcome to Folksy :blush:

Wishing you all the best with your new shop.


(Kylie Tilley) #10

Welcome to Folksy. Hope you have good luck selling. . . dont think your going to need it though love your Christmas Story Book

(So Sew Megan) #11

Welcome, I love your paper sculpture. Good luck.

(WordsInk) #12

:: Thank you everyone… all the best to you during the manic holiday season too… hope all goes well! ::