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I know it's January but is no one shopping on Folksy?

My views since after Christmas have been 3 or 4 a day which is very low even for January. I have had one sale this month but my shop is like a ghost town to what it used to be. Anyone else experiencing really low views?

Me too. Hopefully it will improve.

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My views are currently up on what they were for the week between christmas and new years. I had a sale yesterday and that didn’t get me onto the best sellers list today so I’m inclined to say that yes people are still shopping on here.

My shop is only one week old so I don’t have a views history to go by. Maybe people are still ‘recovering’ after the expense of the festive period. Hopefully things may start to pick up again once credit card bills are paid!

Yes, you are probably right, let’s hope for better views and sales.

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I’ve just had a look at your shop (always curious about the new ones!) You have made such gorgeous things - I particularly love the rabbits! I hope it goes well for you on Folksy

I haven’t had a sale since 18th December. My views are rising a bit now, but I put that down to not having relisted my items for a week, then starting again. Also I wasn’t taking part in the forums much- I think most of my views are fellow sellers! I’m quite relaxed about it, having had ups and downs on here for seven years…

My sales have slowed down and my views are definitely lower than normal but it may be due to the fact that my shop has been fairly sparsely stocked since the middle of December when I sold a lot of stock at Christmas craft fairs. I’ve only just started to slowly restock and start promoting again over the last week so fingers crossed for an upturn.

Aww thank you so much, @Justtosay, on both counts. I’ve popped over to your shop and it’s full of such delightful creations. I thought “I’m quackers about you” is adorable.

Thank you very much PrettyHopsAndJumps.

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I’ve had a few orders this last week but those I’ve had have been for more than one piece so I’m happy - especially as I can’t make anything at the moment.
That will change soon though, managed to make a fused bowl today and should be back on stained by the end of next week.


I’ve had sales and orders but my views have been very erratic.

I went into my local town expecting it to be packed with bargin hunters it was like a ghost town same on Saturday night when it’s usually heaving with party goers and people going out for the evening.

I don’t know if it’s just where I live or what?

My commission orders are not from people who order from me on here they are my very old customers from before I started my Folksy shop they just either phone me or send me email orders.

Haven’t had a sale on Folksy since Oct!
Views are non-existant. Glad everyone else are getting some.

My shop is quite new (I started in September, I think). My views were consistent and I thought quite healthy for a new shop between October and the start of December but then started to dwindle. I’m getting between 1 and 3 views each day now, so it’s becoming consistent again but the number of views is much lower than it was. I haven’t had a sale since November.

I’m hopeful they will pick up again though, once people have a few more pennies to spend. December is an expensive month for a lot of people after all.

I hope your (and all of our) views/sales pick up soon.


Well I just bought 6 things :slight_smile:
No sales though…!!


Your views are included in the numbers, did you know?

I wouldn’t pay too much attention to views…I’ve had sales on days where the view counter says zero :slight_smile:

:smiley: but when you have no sales (or sails in my case) then views and shop activity are the only things to look to in order to stay positive!

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We’re working on improving the views page so you get a much better picture of how many people are actually seeing on your work, and more detailed info – where people are coming from, how many times your items are being seen in searches etc.

The new improved stats page almost there and should be ready in the next few weeks. We’ll be testing it first to see how effective it is and tweak it, and then releasing it to everyone. Exciting!


That’s brilliant Camilla, will be a big improvement.Thank you.