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Boosting Your Facebook Posts Affects Your Instagram Reach

Just thought I’d let you all know about a strange FB/Instagram quirk I discovered this morning.

I constructed an Instagram post earlier on yesterday and then later I made a Facebook Post on the same subject with similar but not identical wording and boosted it. Since the boosted post went live Instagram has not been recording likes for the photograph (which was identical to the FB post). People have been liking it (by my reckoning 150+, but only 15 of these have been recorded.

Having done a Google search, it seems that Instagram has been changing it’s algorithm recently, and although I couldn’t find a post relating to precisely this problem, it seems to me that the boosted post is what has affected my reach. Others have reported that running the same paid Ad on Facebook and Instagram resulted in Instagram likes being restricted. I did not pay to run my Instagram post but the same thing has happened.

I suspect that if you don’t use the Instagram photo on the Facebook post and also tweak the wording, then the algorithm may not be able to spot that the subject matter itself is the same, but I have not yet been able to test this.

Sam x