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Brilliant Pinterest Board on Front Page today

Have you seen today’s Pinterest collection entitled Emily Quinton’s Christmas Wishlist by Emily Quinton

What an excellent idea. I’m going to do my own Christmas Wishlist board as soon as I get a minute

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I thought so too, great idea :slight_smile:

How does this work? Do you not have to be a Folksy seller ( or buyer) to have a Pinterest board there? If you click on her name, it takes you to her blog, not a Folksy shop…

Hi joy
Try as I might I just can not understand how pinterest works, I’ve sat for hours reading the helplines but still can’t get started.

There was an article on Folksy’s facebook page a few days ago - they’ve invited a selection of guest bloggers to submit their own pinterest boards in the run-up to Christmas.

Sarah x

Actually I believe anyone can submit a Pinterest board (provided it’s all Folksy items of course). When you submit a board the form asks for your Folksy username and says “if you have one”. Otherwise a link to a blog or Twitter etc.