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Brilliant Pinterest Board on Front Page today

(Joy Salt) #1

Have you seen today’s Pinterest collection entitled Emily Quinton’s Christmas Wishlist by Emily Quinton

What an excellent idea. I’m going to do my own Christmas Wishlist board as soon as I get a minute

(Claire Davis) #2

I thought so too, great idea :slight_smile:

(Christine E.) #3

How does this work? Do you not have to be a Folksy seller ( or buyer) to have a Pinterest board there? If you click on her name, it takes you to her blog, not a Folksy shop…

(Uphillcottagestudio) #4

Hi joy
Try as I might I just can not understand how pinterest works, I’ve sat for hours reading the helplines but still can’t get started.

(Sarah Eves) #5

There was an article on Folksy’s facebook page a few days ago - they’ve invited a selection of guest bloggers to submit their own pinterest boards in the run-up to Christmas.

Sarah x

(Julie) #6

Actually I believe anyone can submit a Pinterest board (provided it’s all Folksy items of course). When you submit a board the form asks for your Folksy username and says “if you have one”. Otherwise a link to a blog or Twitter etc.