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Christmas Pinterest Board

Hi Everyone

I have just started a Folksy Christmas Board on Pinterest. I was wondering if anyone would like their Christmas items promoted on my board. Would be lovely for our shops to get more views and more importantly sales in the run up to Christmas.

Many Thanks
Natasha x

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Hello Natasha, I have a few Christmas items in my shop. It would be lovely if you could include something of mine. I will of course try and return the favour. Thank you, Pauline.

Thanks Pauline. Have included a couple of your items on my board.

That would be great!
Pre-Thank you. :slight_smile:

All done @CrazyHazyDaisy

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I only have a couple of things at the moment but it would be lovely if you could pin them thank you

Thanks Gill, they have both been pinned.

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Thank you, it would be lovely if you would include one of my Christmas cards on your Pinterest board :slight_smile:

@DaisyWings have pinned a couple of your gorgeous cards.

Hello Natasha could you include my star card many thanks ,also love your site

Thanks Pauline. Have pinned your Gold and Silver Stars to my board.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sorry, have also included your star card.

Such a thoughtful idea! I have a few Christmas coasters if you would be kind enough to pin, thank you x

That is so lovely of you. I have a Christmas tree picture made up from personal words and memories. I’d love it if it could be included xx

Thanks Natasha just been busy baking and received your reply with kindness .

Have pinned your lovely coasters. Have also pinned them to my Fabric Craft Board, hope that is ok.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I will return the favour x

Thank you Emma, that’s very kind of you.

I am just in the process of stocking up my Christmas section! I have one item in there so far if you would like to take a look :blush: