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Broken crafting equipment

(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

Don’t you just hate when one of your crafting tools fails?

I’m in the middle of an order thankfully for my brother so he’ll understand, but still it’s annoying. I’m making him some loom knitted items and the solid plastic handle on my loom pick has broken in half.

I can’t find my spare one either it’s not in my box. I’ve looked on ebay and only see the same solid plastic handle ones and even if I do buy one it won’t get here in time.

I have seen some nice wooden handled ones on Youtube but have no idea where to find one I have a feeling I might have to order one from the USA. ugg.

Anyone else frustrated due to equipment failure?

(Minerva) #2

Can’t you find that plastic handle in the UK or Europe?

Some time ago, I bought a pair of very fine knitting needles made of wood. I think they were 2.50mm - that’s very fine. I was looking forward to start knitting something delicate and lacy with the new yarn I bought. I started knitting and about half an hour later, I realised that one of the needles had bended already. I gave up on the piece, it was just for me, but I was a bit disappointed.

(Samantha Stanley) #3

My blow-torch is playing up a bit at the moment. Full power when I first light it but within a few minutes it gradually dies down. Bearing in mind I use it all the time it’s a bit frustrating. Sort of hoping it sorts itself out :persevere: at the moment, but I might have to invest in a new one if this continues…

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

There’s a plastic handle one just like the one I’ve broken on ebay but it won’t get to me in time. Someone said the plastic handle ones are prone to snap and said the wooden handle ones are the best.
This is the one I have but can’t find the one that broke has a flat piece for easier holding. I would rather have a stronger wooden handle one.

(Rachel) #5

If you take your broken plastic one to a cabinet maker they might be able to make the same thing in wood? Rachel

(Minerva) #6

Have you tried places like Craftsy or Ravelry? And of course here on Folksy. Someone might be selling these?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

:frowning: none on folksy

(Louise Foot) #8

For me it’s my printer! It gets very temperamental on occasion & I obviously rely on it heavily for labelling all my stuff. I’ve wasted many a day sorting it out (we always get there in the end though, so far…)