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(Amberlilly) #1

Well, I was a bit taken back. thought I may list my newly created garnet earrings. Found gorgeous stuff on there going for a song, then thought better of it? Are they really genuine gemstones they are selling for £1.99 plus .90 posting??? who knows, but, i never listed, probably all imported complete. Each to there own i guest, oh well onwards.
Anyone else get a feeling of being deflated like this. or have you found it a brilliant place to sell?
Still like folksy :smile:

(Roz) #2

I much prefer to list on Folksy but do occasionally put a few items on the auction site and have sold a few but not sure I would use it as my main selling platform.

(Amberlilly) #3

I do well at buying there Lol! Usually stuff I don’t need! But I am hopeless at selling there, virtually gave some things away with not much profit at all.

(Heidi Meier) #4

The old saying if it looks too good to be true it usually is pretty much always applies.

Yes you may have found a seller who is running a loss leader to attract business but that can only be a successful strategy if you then buy something else from them. So if you did buy something cheap, would your email address then be spammed or your details sold on? Or would it be a way of obtaining someone’s PayPal details etc for fraudulent purposes? Or they could be genuine stones but have been obtained as a result of criminal activities etc etc.

Like I say, there’s always someone who sells cheap for a valid purpose, but in the majority of cases these cheap deals don’t feel right and I’d much prefer to shop somewhere like folksy.

I have to admit I don’t even like shopping at certain high street stores anymore because I can’t understand how some of that stuff can be sold so cheaply. I know they are discontinued lines etc etc but weirdly it makes me feel uncomfortable to buy some things that are so cheap. Funny eh?!

(Samantha Stanley) #5

I agree with you Heidi-the cheapness of some of the deals makes me very suspicious. I think there may be even more to it than that. Many of the cheap deals come from China or Hong Kong. I suspect the Chinese government thinks it does China no harm at all to damage British and US business by selling things at a loss and that includes by selling large quantities of items to our own department and clothing stores.

Sam :fish:

(Amberlilly) #6

Never thought of the fraudulent bit, but good point. It all seemed too cheap and had loads of “gemstones” there. But, I also remember years ago, I was on holiday and we visited Mousehole and there was a craft shop there, probably gone now, but I bought a pair of stone earrings and I’m sure they were haematite, I loved these little earrings, they brought me memories of that holiday, one being told off for taking my very well behaved dog into a art shop Lol at least OH was, but I still have them many years later. Can’t be said about eBay purchases!:surfing_man:

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #7

I sell more on Ebay than I do here.I prefer it here but usually if something hasn’t sold on here, I will then list it on Ebay. I set the price and don’t accept lower offers and I usually charge the same price as I do on here. There is a lot of rubbish on there but if you pay £1.99 for garnet earrings surely nobody would be daft enough to think they were genuine ???

(Sasha Garrett) #8

Cheap prices often mean low paid work force and poor quality materials. They might be genuine garnets but how much has the material been enhanced to get it looking good? Are they of the same quality as the ones you use? Its up to us as consumers to decide if we want to pay the extra to ensure that we get a quality product made by a well treated workforce and unfortunately not everyone thinks about the ethics some are driven by price.
However some times low prices are just a reflection of how much extra duty/ tax gets added to things once they reach the uk and how much higher our overheads are. If you travel to the countries where the gems are mined and/ or cut they are much cheaper not because they are fake but because they haven’t been through all the middle men and haven’t accrued the extra costs.