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Building views up

(Jennifer Combes) #1


I’m new onto Folksy just been open a week and am really loving the community here!

I was wondering if anyone had some advice for myself and any other newbies about increasing traffic to your page?

I get about 10 views a day and I’ve read a few posts that say people get a huge amount more- just wondering if anyone has any tips?



(Leathermeister) #2

Morning Jennifer firstly welcome to Folksy
Views are not a given here, join in the threads daily listing challenge, alphabet game etc as it starts to get folks on here to see your products. The main thrust comes from your own work to advertise, Facebook has a couple of groups you can join Twitter has #Folksyhour on a tuesday, pinit etc. business cards . Others may have other ideas as well there is lots of really useful tips on Talk Folksy.
Good luck with the shop.

(sejleather) #3

Hi Jennifer

I look upon Folksy as a shop/checkout for my items, and the actual sales and marketing happens in many other places as well as here on Folksy.

You need to get networking with friends, family, and the general public and direct them here to purchase.

Try social media, eg, Pinterest, IG, Twitter, etc but also get out there and speak to people at events and craft fairs etc.

Good luck and try to be patient :smiley: :sunflower:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Also Google+ is a great way to promote your items and shop as is craftjuice

(Jennifer Combes) #5


Thanks those are great tips!

I’m working on my Facebook page and website at the moment.

I shall check out the groups they sound great.

Thank so much for your input xx

(CopperTobi) #6

My views are between 0 and 14 average… Using FB and twitter… Just slow… Hope that change one day :slight_smile: Wish you lots of views and lots of sales !

(Jennifer Combes) #7


Thanks! I got my first sale today! hurrah!

I wish the same for you -lots of sales and views!!!

(CopperTobi) #8

Congratz on your first sale!