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Bulk Listing To Recreate previously sold items

I attended my first fayre last weekend and all of my Halloween makes sold. I want to offer recreating them. Can I add one listing which shows each of the 6 makes, which I’ve individually number, and clearly state that each one is unique and will not look exactly like what is shown? I could add them all individually again, but I wondered if one listing with different creations would be acceptable.

One listing with different creations is acceptable (use variations so that people have to pick which they want) however it is not an ideal way of doing it from an SEO or from a stock control point of view. Since you’ve got the plus account I’d add them all back individually and put a note in the description stating ‘Due to the handmade nature of the item there might be slight variations from the item shown.’

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A great idea. I’ll do exactly that. Thanks ever so much Sasha. I thought I’d have some left over and was going to theme my own house for Halloween!!! So I will have some of them made up … but customers come first.