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Call to Arms

Attached is a screen grab of a post I have put out on my Facebook page. I thought that, if as many of us as is possible could post similar adverts on as many social websites as we can, then, maybe, we can increase the foot-fall to Folksy. If we can get everyone to visit Folksy for that special something then we can all profit.


Thats a great idea, I sometimes mention Folksy on my business page but not so often on my personal page, I don’t mind doing it on my business page, I generally keep my personal for family and a few close friends so it wouldn’t work there. But I’ll certainly give it a go on my Picto Page :slight_smile:

Great Idea there.

I use my personal FB page more than I ever use my business page.

I’m always trying to drive people to folksy.
I use instagram and have just added another shout out to folksy.

Instagram is a perfect tool for advertising and promotion.

can you paste your actual words here so that we can all just copy and paste

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Great idea :slightly_smiling_face:

what a brilliant idea - have added to my personal facebook page.

Great idea.

Great idea. I just bought something from another shop and after paying and rating, this same pic popped up asking if I wanted to post it on Facebook and as I only have a personal page it was a good shout out to my friends that Folksy is great. Plus it was free advertising for the shop I bought from and it gave me the opportunity to let them know I had a shop on Folksy too. (I’m a newbie):slight_smile:


Hi sandranesbitt,
Below is the text that you asked for. I will be reposting this on my Facebook page each Wednesday for the next four weeks. I will then compose a new post on the same topic and post that for four consecutive weeks.

It is as easy to buy from as Amazon (basket and paypal). However, ALL the shops are UK based, ALL the shops are artists or crafts-people, ALL the shops are unique. So, if you are looking for something special for someone special, or if you want to treat yourself take a look at: and browse.


What a great idea.

I see you don’t have a Facebook link from your Folksy page ?.

I advertise Folksy every single time I add something to my shop, which is often, as after I’ve listed it here I then share it on my Joysofglass Facebook page.
The reach on my Business page is far, far greater than my personal page and as I keep tight privacy on my personal page (most posts are friends only) there is no need at all to advertise Folksy on there as the only people who would see it are my friends and they already know about my Folksy shop.
My Joysofglass page also has links to here as well as in the listings I share and also everything I post on there gets automatically tweeted.
Oh and my Business cards have the colourful Folksy icon on them and go out with every order I send whether via Folksy or not.


Copied your text and put it on my personal facebook page, thank you Rachel

I’ve copied your text too and put on my personal fb page

It’s a good idea for your personal page but when I posted an item for sale on a group page I got a telling off. I know my “friends” see my Folksy postings and I think they may get fed-up with my trying to sell stuff. I for one am not going to push it too much…just an idea.

different fb groups have different rules for what they allow to be posted. Its usually the top posting on their page that tells you whats allowed and what isn’t. I always check before posting. Also I DON’T post my listings on my personal fb page as it would drive my friends mad. But a generic one all about how wonderful folksy is , then I think this is ideal for your personal page.

I have just reposted this, and got 122 veiws and 3 shares already! This is the way to go :blush:


OK. I have reposted the text on my personal page too. Let’s see what happens.

Is one allowed to photo shot the article and tweet it?
Suzzie x