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Can anyone remember the name of the charity website for handmade?

(Selador) #1

About 3 years ago or (may be longer as time passes so quickly) there was a UK website where you could sell handmade goods and donate some of your selling price to profit to fund global projects. I sold quite a few items on there but then it seemed to go downhill really quickly eg the help part of the forums were never answered by their admin and the chat part of the forums seemed to descend into some dubious ads for slightly unsavoury items. Closed my shop fairly quickly after this but just thought I’d check and see if it was still around out of curiosity - can’t for the life of me remember what it was called. I think it did have its’ heart in the right place - just badly run; although could have been a scam…
Anyone out there that can think of it please?

(Leanne Woods) #2

I think I know which one you mean, there was a part of the site where you could buy from grassroots collectives in the countries being helped by the charity or you could buy from sellers in the uk with a percentagedonated to the charity. Cannot for the life of me remember the name though … was it dream or something in the name … I could well be thinking of something else entirely though.

That’ll bug me all night now:)

(Selador) #3

Thank you - yes it was dream something. On the tip of my tongue now but will google it and see what comes up. Dreamaid has just popped into my head - think that might be it!

(Selador) #4

Just checked it out - last general post titled ‘Why is it so quiet?’ Was posted 121 weeks ago! The part of the forum to promote is still gibberish. One to avoid I think…

(Amanda Robins) #5

Blimey, I’d forgotten all about Dreamaid. I had a shop there for a couple of months. Wasn’t it promoted on a TV programme and there was a flurry of sales for a few days then nothing but tumbleweed?

(Leanne Woods) #6

That’s the one:)

(Susan Bonnar) #7

Mmm! I think I’m on there too! Best go and check! It was a lovely idea in theory!

(Selador) #8

Think it was a programme with Theo P from Dragons Den. Yes, great idea but agree you can hear the tumbkeweed rolling across the deserted site now …

(Selador) #9

I meant tumbleweed - blame it on busy day at work, typing one finger on samsung tab, 3 glasses of wine, trying to answer during adverts between Scott and Bailey on itv encore…

(Adien Crafts) #10

ooh yes, I had a shop there too so will go check out, just remembered another couple of sites I had items on too a couple of years ago that died a death so better go hunting.