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Can’t renew plus account and support email bouncing back!

Hello peeps, and happy new year!

Posting on here because I got an ping back from emailing support.

My plus account expires in a few days and I wanted to renew it, but there’s no link to a page that does it, wherever I look! Anyone else had that problem, or am I being daft?!

J :slight_smile:

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if you click on dashboard and then look on shop settings there’s a plus account link.
When I look it shows me how long I have remaining before renewing.

I think this is where I renewed last year when I got the alert on my dashboard.

Hope this helps

I was wondering the same thing the other day as I’m sure I’ve renewed ahead of the expiry date before. People on the Folksy Group Fb page who have renewed recently say that we will be sent a reminder on the day our account runs out and can pay then.

Yes, don’t worry. On the day it becomes due, you will be sent a reminder with a link to click so that you can pay it.

Mine was due for renewal a few weeks before Christmas - I got an email about it, and also for at least a week before there was a notice on my dashboard giving the link to click on for renewing it. It sounds like something is wrong with the system at the moment if you’re not getting that information.

If you go into your shop dashboard and look under the Shop Settings list the Plus Account info should be one of the options to click on there.

Hello all
Further to my post of a few days ago,I have notiication today that my Plus account runs out in a few hours and still no way to renew. All links take me to information about the Plus Account but nothing about renewing, also nothing in Shop Settings and no reminder email. I’ve messaged Folksy, but am not that hopeful as it’s the weekend. Did you get any further with paying yours Jessie?
Does anyone have any other light to shes on the matter?
Thank you,

You could try tweeting Folksy - often a quick way to contact them?

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I’ll try tagging some of the Folksy staff on here, but they probably won’t see this until Monday. I can’t remember all of the contact names, but hopefully one of these will be able to point this thread in the right direction @folksycontent @Folksyadmin @FolksyStaff

Hope you can get it sorted quickly.


Thank you very much Susan and Sara.

My Plus Account ended today, I waited until it passed the ‘you have X amount of hours of your plus account left’ notice that was on my dashboard and then clicked on the button next to where it said it expired, further down the page that came up there was a choice to choose a button for £5 monthly direct debit renewal or the annual £45 renewal button, I clicked on the £45 one and just renewed it fine.

Hope you manage to get sorted.


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Folksy Support got back to me and I was able to do as you did Natalie. I think it’s slightly different from in previous years but shouldn’t be an issue now I’ve set up direct debit! :slight_smile:


Hooray! Glad you got it sorted!


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In previous years even though I’ve set up a direct debit when renewing it hasn’t been paid the following year - it was some sort of weird single payment direct debit rather than a reoccuring one - so you will need to check when it comes to renewal time next year and make sure it gets paid (or not).

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Oh that’s weird Sasha! Thank you though, I will look out for it next year then.

I ended up waiting until it expired and signing up for the direct debit, not impressed! I’m guessing my shop was shut for a couple of hours before I got to it yesterday. Also no response from my email, I’d guess they’re working on the backlog from Christmas/New Year…?

I’m surprised you didn’t get a response Jessie, I messaged this Saturday and got one a few hours later. I wonder if that was an email problem.
Here’s a copy of the message I received in case anyone else is having problems:

I’m really sorry for the confusion - the payment system for the Plus account has just been altered slightly and you can only renew once your existing account has expired. This is temporary and will be fixed but I’ve requested that the renewal email and information be updated accordingly.
You should see a link to renew in the ‘Plus account’ section of your Dashboard now:
Don’t worry if your Plus account has been expired for any length of time - your shop itself won’t expire, and your listings will still be available to buy. The only thing that will happen is that you will be charged for any listings you make after the Plus account expires. So, just remember to renew before you list any items after the expiry time. If by any chance you forget to do that and end up with any listing charges on your account, please let us know and we’ll sort it out for you.

Hi Jessie. I’m really sorry you’ve been having problems. I’ve had a look through our Support system and can’t find your email. Could you let me know when you raised your Support Ticket so I can see what’s happened?

As @Justtosay mentioned, we have been making some changes to the Plus account payment system and at the moment you can only renew your Plus account once your existing account has expired. This is a glitch and we’re working to fix it. Don’t worry though, your shop won’t have been shut and your items won’t have expired.