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Can’t see my shop listing

Iv just listed my first item. It’s saying it’s listed and the date it expires. But when I go into search it’s saying no results.

Hmm there is nothing showing up in your shop - have you accidentally hidden it or zero’d the quantity? (On your dashboard click on ‘listings’ and then look under the ‘out of stock’ and ‘hidden’ tabs)

Your little dresses are lovely. Hope you don’t mind me mentioning it but there’s an app called Snapseed that would really brighten up your photos to do justice to your lovely things.

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Hi thank you so much. I really appreciate your input I don’t mind at all. I’m new to all of this and very worried about my shop not being and looking right. So a big thank you to you. Dawn.

I had a little go with one of your dresses - it’s not perfect because I did it really quickly but it will make your photos look like this:-


That does look so much better thank you. I’v just down load the app for snapseed Do you think it would be worth taking the photos again and re- listing my items. I know it would cost to do that.

Hi Dawn, you could do your photos again and edit your listing with the new photos, no need to relist the item.

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Use tools - brush - exposure 1.0 to brush around the edge of your dress to clear the background
Then tools double exposure - tools glamour glow
Save a copy to your photos

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You can also do it with Pages on your iPad
Brush - image - instant alpha
This is quicker and works for some photos but not all
You can also brighten up the image in photos - just choose your photo - edit and fiddle around with the tools until you’ve got the hang of it - you can always revert to the original if you make a mess.
Once you’ve got used to these tools, it literally takes 5 minutes


Thank you so much ladies for your helpful advice. I do really appreciate it.

I’ve just realised that you live in Lutterworth - my sister lives there too :slightly_smiling_face: