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No photos on my sold items section?

On my shop page when I click on my sold number of items, I have no photos. I have got the info written but none of the photos of items I have sold.
I think this is probably my fault as when I was relisting items, my sold items kept appearing so I went into the sold sections and deleted them as I was worried I was going to relist something I didn’t have. Anyway all my photos of my past orders have vansihed now. Will it matter do you think?

I think it can be quite useful as a back catalogue if you make one off items - people can ask for something similar.
If you always have similar it is probably unnecessary. The expiring of sold items thing is a bit of a nightmare on here . very confusing - I tend to ignore the emails completely now, and try and stay on top of renewing listings without.

Thanks for the reply. Yes I’m a bit annoyed with myself now as I liked to look back and see what I had sold. Never mind - I have emailed help to see if there is anyway to undo it but I think it’s probably too late. I won’t do that again

I don’t think it is reversable , lots of us deleted sold orders when the system was first introduced , before realising , and were told it was permanent.
Hopefully you will have lots of sales in the next few weeks to fill the page again.

oh dear, okay thanks for the info. At least the written info is still there - I shall just have to sell a whole heap of new items then. lol Thanks have a good evening

Oh great, I’ve lost all the feedback I had left for me as well and I had some lovely comments. I’m not happy about that at all, that could really affect my sales. It still says 100% but you can’t read the full feedback… I feel a bit disillusioned now just for deleting some sold listings :disappointed: a years feedback.

Hi Claire,

I can see your sold item photos when I click on - can also see all your feedback comments. Maybe something wrong with site at the moment does seem a bit busy.

I can get one photo of an item I sold this afternoon and I can see my feedback - just not each individual one if I click on them. I guess at least I can still see the number of sales and feedback - Could be worse.

I can see five sold items and all your feedback x

I can see the same as Ali

Thanks very much for looking for me. I can also see 5 photos of items that I have sold but not the rest of them. At least they can see my feedback percentage.
Never mind, I won’t do that again.
Hope you all have a lovely evening.

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