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Can we do targeted discount codes?

(Jennie Mead) #1

Hi everyone,

This is something i have wondered about for a while. Does anyone know what flexibility the discount codes have on Folksy?

For example, can we apply discount codes to only certain items in our shops? Is there any way of applying any other kind of deals such as money off if you spend over a certain amount etc?

I’ve just read the thread about Black Friday and it said something about using a hashtag on the items which you want to apply the offer too, but does this actually do anything (ie. only apply the offer to these items) or is it just to make buyers aware of which items the offer is for?

I would be interested to hear any thoughts or wisdom you have on this topic.


Jennie :slight_smile:

(Sasha Garrett) #2

I think the hashtag will allow people to search the site for items that are discounted but they could then browse your shop and put non hashtagged items into their basket and since there is no way of putting restrictions in when you generate the discount code the discount will be applied to everything not just the tagged items. You could put a message in your shop banner stating that ‘the code is only valid if… (insert what ever you want to specify)…, any orders not meeting these criteria will be cancelled’ but there is no way of being sure that people will see the message. You can hide any items that you don’t want to offer a discount on for the duration of the promotion but you might miss out on selling the item if you do. I’m not sure if this would work with what folksy have in mind but you could lower the prices of the items you want to discount and then put in the title ‘black friday discount applied - no code required’ but then anyone who stumbles upon your shop without knowing the discount code gets the reduced price as well. It might also take a lot of time to edit listings depending on how many items you want to discount.
The tag will also help the folksy bods find items to use in their promotional materials.
Hopefully you can follow that brain dump.

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(Deborah Jones) #3

Discount codes apply to everything in your shop . If you add Black friday to certain item tags it will mean they will turn up if people search with those words, but the prices would need adjusting in the listing if you weren’t wanting to use a discount code for everything in the shop.

(Jennie Mead) #4

Thanks for your replies @DeborahJonesJewellery and @SashaGarrett. I thought that was probably the case. It seems a bit of a shame really as it could be a good bit of functionality to make the discount codes more flexible… perhaps that is something they could develop in the future.

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(Sasha Garrett) #5

If you go onto the user voice bit there might already be a request in to improve the functionality of the discount codes or you can start one off - I’m sure others would back you up.

(Andy) #6

Sorry for the bump.
I was going to write a new post about targeted discounting but this came up as an option so…

If demand was there could we get the ability to target our discounts or promotions? for shop sections if not specific listings.
I would like to run some promotional activity across some of my listings but the catch all nature of the current process gives me pause.

As an example I would like to offer a discount Oranges and get some activity on these listings but in order to do so the discount also affects Apples - which are selling well and Pears which also sell but are something I do not make so much profit on.

Even the ability to tag individual listings to add a promo code to would be something,

(Sasha Garrett) #7

You can make the suggestion for the alteration to the discount code process via the uservoice platform but for now you might want to reduce the price on the ‘oranges’ and retitle them ‘introductory offer - oranges - 20% off’ or something similar then you don’t have to offer the code on everything.

(Andy) #8

Added a suggestion - That whole process need a change too. Redirect to main site is not readily apparent.

I think I’ll wait and see if the discount coding changes.If I need to I’ll manually make changes but I would rather a process that looked organic rather than forced and artificial.