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How can I offer options in my new shop

Hi - I’m new to Folksy and am at the planning stages of my new shop. Before I take all my photos, I wanted some help on offering different options for certain items.

I make jewellery (not original I know :0) and I’d like to offer my bracelets and necklaces as made to measure and also offer a couple of colour options for all my bridal jewellery and hair accessories. I’ve seen on some listings that they’re available, for example, in 6"/7"/ 8" etc long, but I can’t work out how the buyer tells you what length or colour etc they’d like. Any help anyone can give would be really appreciated.

When the customer checks out there is a ‘note to seller’ box for them to make comments and put their choice in.

I’m afraid that there aren’t any drop down menus allowing people to select the option they want when they order and we are reliant on putting in the text something like ‘available in 6/7/8 inch length options, please specify in the order comments box which you would like or the 7 inch will be shipped as standard’. I used to put colour options in the same listing but found that people didn’t leave a comment and so I spent a lot of time contacting them to clarify which they wanted. Now I have the plus account I just list them all separately.

Thanks Kim and Sasha - I had a feeling this was the case. You’re help is great as it means I can plan better what options I offer and perhaps take more photos so I can can list each colour option separately. I’ll probably add a couple of days to my despatched time too for made to measure items in case I have to chase up the customer for measurements. Thanks again, Karen