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Can you create a listing with different options for customer?

(Purplefunkqueen) #1

Hi! I make and sell bunting. is there any way of creating a listing with options for the customer to choose different lengths, like a drop down menu? Or do you just have to make seperate listings for each possible length?

(Liz Dyson) #2

Years ago you used to be able to offer variations, but then I guess Folksy realised that they were possibly losing listing fees doing this so they took the option away. If you have a plus account you can list to your heart’s content. If you don’t, then you can offer different lengths in your blurb and ask people to contact you. Then you can add a reserved listing for that customer as and when needed.


(John Stead) #3

Unfortunately no :frowning:

I make printed mounts for my landscape photography and would love to offer them as different sizes. I am currently looking at offering the same prints for just a small selection of sizes as separate products.

Really not sure why Folksy do not offer this option as it seems pretty standard with sites like this


(Purplefunkqueen) #4

thanks for your response, yeah it is going to take agaes for me to make loads of separate listings for each possible length and cost money too! I guess that is why they’ve done it like that

(Purplefunkqueen) #5

Thanks Liz, yeah that makes sense, they want more money. It certainly is going to cost me more to make as many listings as I have posibilities. Maybe I should look at a plus account!

(Little Ramstudio) #6

The request for ‘Variations’ is up to 218 votes in Feedback.
Might be worth giving it a visit and casting some votes?

Find it under Help and Support - Feedback.

Although did have the same thoughts as @lizdyson - Hmmmmm…