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Can you do payments at a craft fair using ipad

This has probably already been asked but am I right in saying that you can use your iPad at a craft fair as long as there’s a wifi connection.
I was hoping that if I have a customer wanting to pay by PayPal then they can do if I send them a PayPal invoice there & then and they can pay it straight away via their mobile phone. I suppose it all depends on how good the signal is and they are prepared to wait a few minutes while the payment goes through.
I don’t have a card reader though.

Yes Pauline you can. You can also create a personal hotspot on your mobile and connect to your iPad via Bluetooth, at least you can on an iPhone. Not sure if you can do it on other phones …

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Thank you @wildrosedesigns I shall take my iPad along and see if it comes in useful.

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I’ve done this from my phone (android) and the paypal app (or paypal website).

You don’t need to send them an invoice. You can just set up with I did for a craft fair and it worked really well! I just had a little printed out sign saying you can pay securely through on your phone. And I had plenty people who just used their phones there and then & I made plenty of extra sales- they just go on my link and paid me whatever the amount. Then it just went through as normal- we both got th receipts and they had the buyer protection. Mine looks like this:
Anyone who has a PayPal account can set their own link up. :slight_smile:

  • I also have the PayPal app on my phone so I get the instant notifications to say it’s gone through. Every transaction was instant. And doesn’t matter if there’s no wifi so long as there’s some signal.

I’m not planning on using my phone only my iPad. @curiousseagull.

Same difference. Will work in the same way for everyone else. They can use their phones.

Thanks Susannah. I have set one of those pages up. They are a very good idea

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I have used my ipad, but you do need the paypal app, this is what the others others have mentioned , down load it now and have a play, so you are confident when dealing with your customers, good luck xx

I didn’t actually need it today but I shall certainly look into it for next time, thank you everyone for the information.