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New 'Paypal Me' option

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #1

I just sent a Paypal payment to a friend, and when it was done it gave me the option to sign up for a ‘Paypal Me’ link.

I’ve grabbed my name for my business Paypal account, and also for the one for the charity I run, so if you have a name that you want to use for a Paypal link and others might have the same name, then get on and save your name now :smile:

I couldn’t see anyway to do it other than when the option showed after sending a payment, so I sent myself £1 between accounts just so that I could get the link for the second account :smile:

(Rachel) #2

Bother I only have one account and it wont let me do the pay me option.


but thank you for sharing the idea

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #3

I think the link will show up when you make any payment going direct through Paypal - I was surprised that there wasn’t any info on how to get it generally on the summary page or anything, as not everyone send payment through the Paypal page.

(Julie Maginn) #4

I just did a search for it and this is the link to grab the name you want:

I actually got the one I wanted, thanks for the heads up Sara!:smiley:

(Rachel) #5

Thank you for the link :smiley:

(Elaine) #6

What an excellent way to get paid via Paypal. Thanks for telling us about it Sara - I’ve grabbed mine using @DewDropCrafts link :grinning:

(Susannah Ayre) #7

Thanks for that. Really useful to know- I always like how stuff with PayPal takes seconds. I have the app on my phone too (I do all my business on my phone) so means I can just get money to where I want it super easily- especially as I have payments for artwork coming in from B&M shops through it too- so makes it even easier.
I’d imagine it makes things easier at craft fairs too? Assuming someone has their mobile on them and have PayPal- which lets face it- I’d say the majority do- they can just go on that one link to pay- could even put a little sign up saying ‘pay by PayPal at…’ What do you all think?
I’d pay like that as a customer.

(proggyandtweed) #8

Thanks. I didn’t know about this but have got it set up now. I’ve a couple of craft fairs coming up so will make sure customers know they can pay this way.

(Helen Healey) #9

Thanks Sara @DandelionsGallery for sharing this and thanks @DewDropCrafts for the link. I’ve now got this set up.

(Rosesworkshop) #10

Thanks Sara, I just set mine up too. There are a couple more "Roses Workshop"s around now than when I started my business, so I’m glad I got there first - they will have to choose a different name for their links :smile:

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(Jenny Baxter) #11

Thank you Sara @DandelionsGallery and @DewDropCrafts. Have just set mine up too… not quite sure when or how I’ll use it but sounds like it will come into it’s own in due course…

(Samantha Stanley) #12

Thanks @DandelionsGallery and @DewDropCrafts ! I’ve also used the link to grab my name! It wouldn’t let me post it on FB, but I can do that in other ways.

Love Sam x