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Folksy emails regarding sold item not received


I have sold an item this evening (Yay! My first since mid August). I only know about this as I received the usual PayPal email but have not received any confirmation emails from Folksy.
Also it looks like the buyer has registered, but when I click on their user name they do not exist. I therefore do not have an email address to contact them. Anyone else having similar problems this evening?

(Roz) #2

If you received the email confirming payment from paypal there should be a contact email on there. I had an order this evening and received all 3 of the usual emails although the paypal one did arrive quite a bit earlier than the folksy ones.


Hi Roz,
Yes of course forgot customers email address would be on PayPal!

(Laura Caldow) #4

This has just happened to me but the usual paypal payment received email went to an old email address and did not start with my real name( as paypal does ) and on checking my paypal account - no payment - Email to the buyer has so far yeilded nothing - Shame but I am beginning to smell a rat - Sellers beware

(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

buttercupboutique@buttercup boutique
If you don’t get your Folksy email alert and it’s not gone to your spam/junk folder then I would do what I did and email admin and let them know and they’ll sort it out for you.

(Laura Caldow) #6

Thanks I will give that a go but it looks like a no sale to me

(Roz) #7

If you received the paypal payment and the order shows on your dashboard I would consider the sale as having gone through.

Sorry just read that again and realised you haven’t received payment - thought it was a continuation of the original post :smile:


Well, I eventually had my email from Folksy confirming the sale just after midnight last night and the other one stating that the customer had paid after midday today. Better late than never!

(Lisa brown) #9

I’ve had the same problem ! My email hasn’t changed ; my settings are correct, yet I am not receiving emails from Folksy (just paypal)

I have contacted Folksy support for help twice now, but have not had a response.

Seriously thinking of switching to Etsy.

(Lisa brown) #10

I’ve emailed admin twice now and have not had a repines :frowning:

(Margaret Jackson) #11

Maybe you’ve had a response but as you’re not getting your emails they haven’t got to you?

(Sasha Garrett) #12

There was another shop on the forums recently where none of the folksy emails were getting to her, they weren’t bouncing back as undeliverable but for some reason her email server wasn’t letting them through. @folksycontent Camilla you managed to sort it out for that shop, feel like having another go before Lisa defects?
Here’s that thread to see if your problems are the same

(Camilla) #13

Hi Lisa,

Sorry you’re having problems. As @SashaGarrett said, we’ve had a couple of similar issues recently, but in all the cases so far the emails are being sent from our system and are being delivered but for some reason they’re not appearing in some people’s inboxes. In the other cases it’s been a problem with the sellers’ email provider and not with the emails being sent from Folksy, but I think we need to investigate it further.

Folksy support have replied to your messages but obviously those aren’t going through either. So could you please contact with an alternative email address or way of contacting you, and why can try to get to the bottom of it? Thank you!

(Fiona Humphrey) #14

Hi Lisa, when I had the problem, it turned out to be my talktalk email account. It has become unreliable and I know of at least 2 regular correspondents who can no longer reach me on that account - no idea why, talktalk being less than fabulous, not pinging back as undelivered so the senders had no idea until I contacted them separately. Had been fine for years, then suddenly blocked certain senders, those messages are still in a queue somewhere in the ether. I changed my email account on here but had to get support to do this for me as otherwise you have to go through a link on your old email account. Hope you get it sorted, Fiona