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What to do next?

I purchased two items, ready to ship, they have been marked shipped, I have waited for delivery and alas nothing.
Today I messaged the seller and asked when I might expect my purchases…I am looking for reassurance at this stage…and nothing. No reply at all.
The seller has listed many items this very evening and so I believe they will have seen my question.
What should I do next?
PS I sell on etsy and buy lots of stuff here and there and so I do understand the pressures we are all under.

Hi, Rachael,

I would give the seller another day to respond, then email again.
As messages from Folksy now go directly to email rather than showing on the seller’s Folksy shop, they can be easy to miss.

I nearly missed an email from a customer last week as I’d mistakenly assumed it was a Folksy newsletter whilst flicking through my emails!

Sarah x


The sellers email address should be on the paypal receipt you got when you placed the order so you could try emailing them direct rather than via folksy. If you don’t get a response from that email then have a look at their shop and see if they have links to social media and try dropping them a message via facebook (I don’t know if instagram and twitter have a similar function). If you still don’t get a response from them then you do have the option of opening a case against them with Paypal but I would try the email and FB messenger first.

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This happened to me too last week, a customer had emailed me with a query about a bracelet in my shop and I didn’t see the message for a couple of hours. It would be helpful if Folksy could put an alert of some sort on our Dashboard.


Thanks for the replies, all of which are helpful to me.
I will leave it another day and then email directly.