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Orders Awaiting Payment

(Dawn Sneesby) #1

I have had another order this morning, status awaiting payment, this is the third in the last couple of weeks. On the front page saying sold (but not). I would have thought Folksy would wait for payment before sending out the automated email. When I cancel the order they do clear the item from my listings but they are still in my shop under sold items.

(Leslie Morton) #2

Dawn. it says in the email that payment is pending. Could it be that the customer actually has not paid right away?

(Dawn Sneesby) #3

Hi Leslie,

I have emailed customer but had no reply. I just think it seems pointless Folksy sending email saying customer has bought one of your items when they actually haven’t until it is paid for.

(Karen Ellam) #4

Everyone shops differently. I know some folks pop items in their baskets and carry on browsing. They may even nip off and make lunch and then pop back later.
I always pay straight away as when I fall in love with something I want to get the ball rolling asap :blush: :wink:

In the past if its happened to me I wait 24 hours or so and then send a polite email to the potential customer. I think sometimes people are so busy they may forget they didn’t complete the transaction. More often than not the payment then comes through :smiley:


(Dawn Sneesby) #5

Hi Karen,

You was right, payment has just come through.

(Karen Ellam) #6

Glad you got the sale :blush:


(Jane Marshall) #7

There are many reasons why a customer doesn’t pay: some have trouble completing the transaction on a mobile device, others may be having second thoughts about some aspect of the transaction but are still ‘warm’ buyers. Most recently, I had a lady put one of my items in her basket, then she realised that it wasn’t the right size for what she wanted - I contacted her and was able to make the same item for her in exactly the right size.

This happens to me often enough that I have created a pro-forma email, which I send to the customer a couple of hours after I get the notification of a sale without the payment. Please feel free to copy/adapt for your own purposes. It goes like this…

"Message subject: Your order from the Beaded Garden on Folksy


"I’ve just received a notification from Folksy that you have ordered XXX, but I have not yet received payment for this item.

"If you are having problems with payment, please do get in touch and I will do my best to help.

"On the other hand, if you’ve changed your mind and no longer want XXX that’s just fine. I’d be grateful if you could let me know so that I can relist it in my shop. If I don’t hear from you by the end of the today (XXXday) I will cancel the order but, of course, you can still come back to my shop again later.

“I hope that’s OK? If I can help at all, just let me know
"All the best

Sometimes you don’t hear back, but if you do and you can convert it to a sale then it’s well worth doing.


(Joy Salt) #8

Just had a new ‘unpaid’ problem.
Customer ordered something but payment didn’t come through. 3 hours later I emailed them saying so using my pretty standard email for this which I send out at least a couple of times a month. 99.5% of the time I get a response and we sort out how to pay. 0.5% don’t get a response so after 24+ hours I cancel.

I didn’t get a response to my email this time so I eventually cancelled the order.

Just had

"I have received an email informing me that you have cancelled the following order, with no explanation:

Can you clarify?":

Oh dear, I do wish Folksy would sort this out, it gets so tedious and my customer is obviously feeling rather put out which is not good for me or for Folksy

Lets hope my explanatory email gets to her - I have sent it from my other email address as well just to make sure

(Susan Mochrie) #9

I have bought up the subject of non payers countless times. It never happens to my sales on any other platforms, only Folksy. I rarely get any sales here any more, but when I do, they often don’t pay.

@ Joy, I had the same as you just before Christmas. I cancelled a non payed for sale and the buyer emailed me to ask why it was cancelled.

(Joy Salt) #10

Well all’s well that ends well.
Bob my unpaid despatch clerk (husband) has just taken it to the post office on his way out. This time the order came in with all 3 emails so payment has gone through ok. I conclude it was :smile:

  • normal ‘hiccup’ disconnect between Folksy and Paypal
  • email communication problem.
  • fortunately a customer who really wanted what she originally ordered.

I’ll get back to my glass making :slight_smile:

(Susan Mochrie) #11

Yet another non payer for me yesterday!

(Staffscoins) #12

well, I have been on here a couple of months, only had two sales, which is fair enough as I only have a few things on here, and, neither buyers have paid, or answered my emails, so I am beginning to wonder if I should spend any more money or time on this platform ?