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Cant contact customer

What shall I do ? A customer had bought and paid for a card and I have sent her 2 emails to say her card is ready to ship but I need to know what wording she requires as one in shop was personalised for a customer. That is 7 days now and have had no reply. Should I send her a 3rd email to say if I havent heard from her in another week I will refund her money or should I just wait

Have you tried contacting her via her paypal email address, if it’s different? I find I sometimes get a better response from that, as it tends to be checked more frequently. If it’s the same email, I would maybe drop her a note in the post instead, or send the cards without personalisation and a note to explain why.

Hopefully when she realises she hasn’t had the card, she will contact you or check her emails, so that might work, or as @ciesse says write to her.

Thanks girls I never thought to try writing to her so will get letter in post today. I noticed her address is near Carlisle in Cumbria so now wondering if the floods have been making internet access difficult.

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update had a telephone message from customer to say she has had communication problems , she said she would phone me back as withhheld number