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How long to wait before cancelling an order

(Alison Mackenzie) #1

Hi all,

Just wanted a bit of advice here. I had an order placed (and paid for) on Saturday night for a personalised wedding card. I had stated in the listing that I needed to know the names of the couple getting married, the date and if the buyer wanted to have a personal message inside or just a standard one, at the time of purchase. There were no details given, so I e-mailed the customer on Sunday morning using the e-mail address on my dashboard. A few minutes later, I got a mail delivery failure message saying that there was no such user account. I checked the details on Paypal to find the address given there is a .com rather than a I resent the e-mail requesting the required information to the .com address on Sunday and again yesterday with no response from either.
Do I wait another couple of days until she realises that the card hasn’t turned up and contacts me to find out why, or do I just give up and refund her now and cancel the order?
I kind of want to give her a bit longer, but possibly because it has been my only sale this month so far and my most expensive item. :grimacing: What would you do?

(Donna) #2

This happens to me quite often. I wait until they email me asking why I haven’t sent it yet and then get the details :slight_smile:

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(Grimm Exhibition) #3

Return the money, its not fair on you to do all the chasing, you’ve done what you can. Im sure you can add a message when you return the money so you can explain the situation.

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(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

I’d send one more email detailing again what is require and if do not hear from them by (give date and time) you will refund their monies. Wishing them a all the best.

(Roz) #5

I would wait a few days - some people don’t always check their emails every day.

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(Helen Smith) #6

I would definitely wait a few days, then send an e-mail with a time limit as Eileen suggests. I have a similar problem from time to time in my ffflowers shop where the buyer asks for custom colours and then doesn’t tell me what they are. It does me no harm to wait a few days and I do generally hear back in the end.

I suppose it just depends when the wedding is!