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Can't delete images

I have just started using the site. I added a few listings an when copying them to create new ones I deleted the photos and keep getting this pop up message. I eventually clicked this check box in the pop up, and now it seems I cant delete photos at all - nothing happens when i click the cross. Can anyone advise please?
Thanks, Tom

You can’t delete the only picture. Load one of the new ones then delete the original, then load the rest of the new ones. Xx

Ah I did this a while ago, never click that check box! I got it working again by rebooting… you know, the old thing, if it’s not working switch it off and on again… hope it works for you! The popup message is annoying but as far as I can see we have to put with it.

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Oh Thanks Helen, I gave up last night in the end. Will try again later, hopefully the old on and off trick will work!