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H-E-L-P! Can't Delete Photos Any More In Copied Listings

Whilst I was copying a listing, and therefore deleting the photos from the previous one, I inadvertent ticked a little box which came up at the top and now I cannot copy listings because I can no longer delete the previous photos. Is there any way I can ‘undo’ this as I don’t want to have to list every new listing from scratch?

Weird! It seems to be working OK again now. Sorry for that … must have been a bit of a glitch.

The exact same thing has just happened to me! And now I can’t delete photos from listings I am trying to create. How do I fix this please?

Can you delete any of the photo’s in a listing?
Only I find it will not allow you to delete all of them all at once.

I find if you are planning on replacing with new than it’s best to delete all except one then start adding the new photo’s. Once you have more that last photo you didn’t want any more.