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Can't get my paypal payment through?

Just buying two things from a shop and twice have had this message after Paypal then confirmation screen. Paypal clock goes round and round then it fails.

Your payment failed to process

We’re sorry, but your payment failed to process.

The reason given for the failure was:

This transaction couldn’t be completed. Please redirect your customer to PayPal.

Please try again, maybe with different credentials, to complete your Folksy order.

Tried again twice even after logging out of Paypal. No. Can;t pay.

If I come out of Folksy it will clear my basket I won’t know what I intended to buy.

Wonder how many other people are trying to buy tonight ??

Worked, On the 6th or was it the 7th attempt and had to log out of Paypal again so I could do it, I paid as a guest using my card.
Exceedingly annoying and I don’t believe many customers would try as hard as I did !!

Now going to buy something else so I can try my Paypal account again see if it was a one-off. If not who has the Folksy urgent contact details ??

You’re not alone - I have a customer on the other side trying to pay me without much luck :frowning: Must be a Paypal issue.

I am going to buy a few things tonight on here too! Will report back :slight_smile:

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I have just made another purchase, bought my boxer loving daughter a boxer (dog) card for Christmas. It let me pay using Paypal that time.

Just rated my Folksy buying experiences 1 ot of 10.

PS This confirms Paypal is having problems :slight_smile:

I haven’t got the time to faff now - my payment didn’t go through twice - will try tomorrow.

I have just bought some items and it all went well. No problems at all.

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I think there was a special “Tuesday give money day” on Paypal - that might have caused a surge in use last night.

It’s strange you are having problems with PP. I’ve had sales the last few days (elsewhere) without a single problem or delay. Emails got through just fine and in a timely manner too. Am very curious why some people have problems and not others…

Not strange at all really. I normally have no problem. Either with Paypal or with emails. I have sales, I have customers (including yesterday), many of them repeats. I am a happy bunny.
I don’t of course know about customers who try to pay and fail as unless they contact me directly I will never hear from or about them.
Last night at one particular time, when I now believe Paypal was having problems across all platforms, it took me 6 attempts to get a payment through… It did eventually work because I persevered, wanted to be sure that I could !
It is possible you also had problems at the same time. Maybe you had a customer who had the same payment problem… you will never know :frowning: xxx

Hi all, hope you can help. Just had a sale, buyer accidentally paid twice. I have refunded the 2nd Paypal payment, but what do I do with the order that now says “awaiting payment”. I’m a bit puzzled as to how someone could order 1 item twice, I only had 1 of this item. If I delete this order, will that delete the original order?


This happened to me. A husband and wife put the same thing into their separate baskets and both managed to buy it.

I refunded the money for one, posted out the only one I had and raised a Support ticket (@dougfolksy) to delete the awaiting payment order as it wouldn’t let me. You need to check your stock lever after they’ve done that as it may put one back in stock.

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Thanks Joy, how do I raise a support ticket? Sorry, I’ve never done that before.

Bottom of the Folksy site pages… Help and Support / Contact Support.
Fill in the details and they’ll sort you out. xx

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Thanks Joy, :slight_smile:

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I had a spate of that happening to me. It is browser related. I changed my browser from Firefox but it still kept happening but only with Folksy. In the end it just sorted itself out. But it took a long time. Very strange that no-one could give a difinitive answer to the problem.

Theresa In my case it was a Busy Paypal problem. Glad I perservered as the ceramic pieces I bought are delightful… :slight_smile: