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Card Payments and No Postage


I’m sorry, there is another thread about this somewhere that I read only a few days ago but I can’t seem to find it.

Yesterday a customer of mine payed by card for a customised print, and the postage hasn’t been added to the total. I mean, this isn’t the end of the world for me- because it’s one small item that is only going 1st class as a letter… but I have lost the extra cost I put on the item for the customising. I don’t feel like I can chase up the customer and go “oh hey, by the way… you haven’t payed for postage”. I just worry if it where to happen on a larger order, it’s difficult for sellers to chase up customers who think they’ve finished their order to ask for more money.

I just wanted to bring it to the attention of @folksycontent :slight_smile:

Did it go through the normal Paypal system, Lowri?
The postage you set in the shop should always be included in the amount paid by the customer when they go through Paypal.

Postage isn’t added if a customer clicks the ‘help’ button and you invoice them directly. That’s because we don’t know where they are and can’t calculate it - there is a notification in the email that comes through to you in that case which advises you that postage isn’t included and you need to addd it to your invoice but maybe it’s not clear enough?

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It certainly wasn’t the part of the email I got round to reading when I got one.
I was more concerned with sorting out a customer with a problem who had also written a note about colour choice.

‘Small print’ at the end of an email tends to be missed in these circumstances if you don 't know you need to read it. :slight_smile:
Maybe it needs highlighting in the text. Xx

Do you know what- I think I must have gotten confused looking at the Folksy orders section on the website, I’m so sorry!
I have triple checked and I have had a postage through! Sorry about that @folksycontent :wink:

But at least the thread has possible highlighted something that some sellers may not know about customers pressing the ‘help’ button. Which may be useful to people :slight_smile:

Sorry again!! :smiley: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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