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Zero postage after customer requested assistance with payment

Below is a screen print of an order which is awaiting payment (customer pressed the help me button and I got an email asking for assistance in paying as they don’t jhave a Paypal account).
Not a problem except - I’ve given her a couple of options but wanted to quote the total amount owing so checked my Folksy order page only to find that the postage on both pieces is showing as £0 even though I have £3.40 set against the first, big piece and only the little angel has £0 for additional items. This means it should show £3.40 as total shipping not £0.

Confused the hell out of me so poor customer is probably equally confused.
I presume this is all to do with the postage not being calculated until the payment is finalised but surely it should show correctly on my order screen ?
@folksycontent ?

PS: This really is Wrong. Customer has now paid me (as shown plus the missing £3,.40 postage). I’ve marked the order as paid but it shows total without postage. Good thing I don’t want to use it as an audit trail.

Yes the postage doesn’t show until you get through to paypal for some reason- it’s an odd new-ish development I think (pain in the bum)- not sure why, it made me unsure when I bought a couple of things this week- why do they have to confuse things.

The postage shows as zero if a customer doesn’t go through the Paypal checkout because we don’t know where they are based if they haven’t gone through it. The email that gets sent to you as the seller when a customer is having problems does let you know that you postage hasn’t been included and you need to add it on to your invoice:

“Please note that shipping fees have not been added to this order, as we are unable to calculate them if the buyer does not go directly through Paypal. Please remember to add any shipping fees applicable.”

She doesn’t need to have a Paypal account to pay using Paypal though - we would always encourage that as a payment method if at all possible because then it will add on postage etc. It’s one of those annoying complications of a checkout system that was designed to make it easier to checkout as a guest and allow multiple payments to different sellers.

This blog post has more information about what happens if a customer is having problems paying and what you need to do…

@folksycontent Camilla

Thank you for the explanation. Still think it is not right though to show as zero on the order after she has paid via my Paypal invoice and I’ve marked it as paid. Perhaps shipping should show as ?? - that would be much clearer.

Joy xx