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Order transaction doesn't show postage costs

Hi everyone!

I had an order this afternoon but the purchaser was having problems paying - that’s all sorted, she paid via Paypal invoice. My problem is, when I went back to mark the order as sold on Folksy I noticed the item showed 0 for shipping even though the actual listing showed £1.25 for UK postage. I’ve also checked that the “click here to allow transaction-based postage values to override the profile postage settings listed above (if profile settings are enabled)” button has been ticked on my Paypal, which it has.

Thanks in advance for any help - I’m scratching my head on this one.


The delivery address doesn’t get confirmed until its entered into paypal at the point of checking out so if the person doesn’t use the paypal checkout the folksy system doesn’t know how much postage to charge (it doesn’t know if the shipment is staying within the uk or going over seas) so leaves it out.

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Ah ha … thanks Sasha, that makes sense :slight_smile:

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