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Postage tracking?

Hi, Newbie seller to Folksy here.
Could someone please help?
Is there any way to provide a customer with the ref no for postage tracking?
Other than just e-mailing them it?

I thought perhaps there would be a screen that would come up after you click “shipped” on the order, but no.

Thanks, Claire.

Nope no official box for adding it to, just email it to them.

That’s a shame. Ok, thanks Sasha.

If the customer has paid through PayPal you can log into your PP account and add the tracking number there, which should then be emailed to the customer - but if they’ve paid by Stripe though you wouldn’t be able to do that.

Thanks Sarah,
I would have tried that but unfortunately the payment has been put on temporary hold:

"We’ve placed the money on hold because we believe this transaction may involve a higher risk than usual. The money will appear in your pending balance and will be available after the order has been fulfilled, as long as no claims are raised by the buyer or any issues arise with your account.

Here’s what you can do to get access to your money more quickly

Provide shipment information

Add a valid tracking number and your money will be available 1 day after the carrier reports the goods have been delivered."

I can’t see the payment on paypal so, a bit of a catch22! :roll_eyes: :laughing:

Hmm - might be worth giving them a call maybe? I don’t use PayPal very much these days, but they’re usually pretty good about this kind of thing, it can just be a bit longwinded! If you’ve already sent the item you should be able to add the tracking details and mark it as posted on PP - but if you can’t then I’d certainly give them a call. This sort of thing usually happens if you’re new as a PP seller or haven’t had many transactions. As long as you’ve got proof of postage, either as a receipt and/or tracking number, then I see no reason why they wouldn’t release your money (although it may have to wait until the item has been delivered).

Love your shop by the way!

I’ve sent the customer tracking info separately and she’s very happy.
It is a bit odd, as I’ve had other sales through paypal thus far and seems to be just this one that’s been flagged for delay. I’m not necessarily worried as it’s a loyal customer from my previous wix site and I know she’s good for it. :grin:. Just seems a bit weird. I think I’ll call them as you suggest to make them aware of the catch 22 and see what they say anyway.

Thanks again and very kind of you to compliment my shop! Very much a work in progress, lol.

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Hi Claire,

I’ve had this from PayPal a couple of times, they do eventually release the payment but it can take up to 4 weeks! It was a higher amount than usual (over £50) but really rather frustrating! I was however able to go into the pending payment (I think it was in the activity tab on the phone app) and there was a space to add the tracking number.

Hope you manage to find it, if not it may be worth trying to email PayPal & see what they say.

Good Luck

Cheers Lou

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Hi Lou,
Tried to find “pending” on the app with no success as I’m pretty inadequate. :joy:
Honestly it’s fine, no rush for the payment just curious as to why and to hopefully prevent this again in the future.
I’ve fired off an email to them so will await their response…

Cheers again Lou.

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:crossed_fingers: they come back to you soon! Unfortunately I don’t think there is a way around them withholding the funds (they’ve done this to me twice & I just ended up having to be patient)! Just another annoying rule these companies like to add in to make life more complicated :rofl:

Cheers Lou