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Cards-and-papercraft-weekly-monday-thread-19th May-1st June 2014/1

(Stephanie Short) #1

A place to show, admire and if you are inclined, to buy all kinds of cards and paper crafts smile

If you have time we are all happy to be stumbled, tweeted, facebook liked,blogged to your hearts content.

Most are happy to be pinned too, but they will say in their post if not.

Buyers if you don’t see what you are looking for, please ask.

The theme for today is – ‘Summer Lovin’! - anything and everything you love about summer!
but as usual, anything will do

Steph xx

(Emma Rogerson) #2

Not sure I have anything specific to Summer Lovin’ so I chose a really colourfull card with flowers and butterflies on. I hope that will do :smile:
Emma x

(Stephanie Short) #3

Hi Emma, yeah of course, lovely card, anything summery!

Here’s my offering,
A lovely sunny day on this card!

Where’s everyone at today?? You all Must be enjoying the sun!
Steph x

(Thecardjeanie) #4

Anyone fancy a trip to the seaside?

Jeanie x

(Stephanie Short) #5

I have some lovely summer blooms today

Steph xx

(Debbie Gill) #6

Hi all, lovely, summery cards!

I have listed this magnetic notepad holder today:

(Louise Burgoyne) #7

Bunting flying in the Sun!

(Stephanie Short) #8

Great to see all the lovely summery items!
Was getting worried about the theme I’d chosen!!

Here’s another from me today
Bright and summery notebooks :sunny:

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #9

I wish!


Any one for cricket… howz that

(Cariad Crafts) #11

Hi, Got back earlier today after a fab break in Northumberland:-))) Great weather and much shorter legs now!!! Thanks Steph for starting thread - great theme.:-)))) I will be able to start thread again on 26th.

a nice summery flower

Steph you lucky lady having such beauty close by. We visited Steel Rigg and did 6 mile walk along Hadrians Wall and found the famous sycamore. Walk along river South Tyne at Allen Banks and had dinner at a couple of great pubs.

Carol xx

(Thecardjeanie) #12

Summer cruise…

Jeanie x

(Steph Short Supplies) #13

Carol, lovely to have you back! Sounds like you really enjoyed Northumberland!
It is beautiful though :sunny:
All the places you’ve mentioned, are hubby’s favourites for pics especially sycamore gap. He was at Allen Banks on the last bank hol and he was at hadrians wall only yesterday!

Did you have a look at the pics on the link I sent you?
You also hit lucky with the weather!

Here’s some more flowers from me today
Here’s my new item today, from supply shop

Steph x

(Stephanie Short) #14


Here’s my summer offering today, however it’s lashing down where I am!!

a new birthday card today

Steph xx

(Cariad Crafts) #15

Morning all, rainy here too

Steph not had chance to look at your pic/link yet but will do as very interested in the photos OH friend takes.

Here is another from me

Carol xx

(Cariad Crafts) #16

Steph, I have just looked at Ashley Corrs photos and they are stunning, very talented guy !!! btw I did wave on Sunday, people looking at me like I was a madwoman lol. We are coming back to your area in June but staying on the coast opposite Lindisfarne, really looking forward already. OH is busy with maps again and working out itinerary!!! Hope Cameron is coping with A levels. My son is 36 (omg) now and did Physics, Chemistry and Maths - is now a consultant engineer - and we all went through agonies too - what does he want to do?

Carol xx

(Stephanie Short) #17

Carol, did you not see the other mad women waving back??

Great idea having another visit, is it Bamburgh you’re staying at?

Ash’es pics are amazing, one of them got chosen for the BBC calendar!
I think Cameron is going to do something along the lines of astronomy or astrophysics…don’t even know if I’ve spelt that right…lol
can’t you tell who he takes after?? (Not!)


(Katy Edwards) #18

Hi everyone, some really lush pieces this week, makes me feel very summery :blush:

Here is my ‘Summer Lovin!’ card, my Campervan Love Wedding card, has been very popular so far :smile:

Katy x

(Cariad Crafts) #19

Morning all, showery today but meeting a friend for morning coffee so that should be fun :wink:

I did see something strange Steph - so it was you!!! lol COR wishing Cameron all the best, he will do well, definite shortage of sciencey types …he will get snapped up…which uni has he chosen?

Here is my offering for today

more summery flowers!!

Carol xx

(Cariad Crafts) #20

Steph - enjoy your day with hubbie - Happy Birthday to you tra la la

We are staying on Fenwick Moor in June !!!

Carol xx