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Quick Business card question

(Heatherlee) #1

Hi Everybody

Am in the process of design
ing our business cards and was wondering would you include a phone number or not?

Have been looking at other people’s cards at fairs etc, and some have phone numbers, some don’t. Some have quite a lot of info and some are quite minimal.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.

(Sasha Garrett) #2

Do you want people phoning you about orders? I don’t and would rather they email me as it gives me time to consider my reply. As a result my business cards have my name, what I do, an email address and website address on them (along with a photo of one of my pieces) and that’s it. I keep the back blank so if they are mulling over an item I can write the details on the back.

(Cheekymonkeystudio) #3

I did included my number on my card but was abit worried about getting loads of calls & how to separate them for accounting so i actually got a business number & vonage box so it’s separate from home number and i can take it with me if i move without having to change the number. That costs me just under £10 a month though.

But you could just pop on a mobile number…it depends whether you think your customer’s really need a number to contact you for ordering, etc. If you feel that would not be the way they would contact you for your product type then stick with just e-mail & add either your own website, or your Folksy site address, or your Facebook Page address details…which ever one you want to drive your main customer traffic via.

Good luck

(Roz) #4

If you are selling goods either on line or at craft fairs you must by law provide some form of traceability - I think either address or link to website/online shop where address is available. I also include my mobile number - if you’re bothered about getting calls on your personal phone you could always buy a cheap phone with a separate sim card that you could use just for business.

Don’t forget a lot of people that appreciate and buy crafts are the “more mature” who may not have access to the internet so may prefer to phone you.

(Heidi Meier) #5

I put my phone number on my cards - if you google most people’s business details you’d get the number from Google anyhow, and personally I don’t buy from anyone if I can’t see a number or, alternatively, a home address. I can think of a couple of Facebook examples where people have stressed their family business background and their personal service, and yet the only way of contact is an Info@ email address (no home address, no name of the person running the business and no telephone number).

I understand the preference for email - that’s mine too - but to be honest, people very rarely call as most other people’s preference is for email too!

If your business is a hobby, and you are uncomfortable about speaking on the telephone, just give your email address. If you want to grow your business to something that supports you financially then I think you do need to put a telephone number (or as I have said at least a home address) both on your website and on your business cards.

(Heidi Meier) #6

Writing the details on the back of the card after a conversation is a nice personal touch.

(Deborah Jones) #7

I do put my home nr on , not mobile. (I hate being called on my mobile and work from home )
I get a lot of orders and queries by phone .
I think it gives people trust that you are real and can’t just up and vanish (especially if it is a local nr to them)

(Camilla) #8

FYI we’re going to be running a 20% offer with Moo cards soon, which includes business cards. I’m hoping it will be up in the next couple of weeks, but I’ll let you know when it’s live.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #9

I never put a phone number - I only take mobile phone out with me for emergency use when I’m driving, it’s switched off the rest of the time. I share the landline number, so won’t use that for business purposes, and I hate loathe and detest speaking on the phone anyway lol.

I put my business email, and thankfully people seem happy enough contacting me on that.

(Heatherlee) #10

Thanks for all the advice everyone :smile:

(Leslie Morton) #11

Hi Heather

I use Moo business cards as they are inexpensive, very quick and excellent quality. I see Camilla has mentioned an offer coming soon. I bought my first lot last time they had a promotion but be aware that if is like last time, the Folksy logo is printed on it. I am not fond of the logo they use and it always seemed out of focus so last time I just purchased from them directly. It was still very inexpensive.

I do put my home phone on my cards as I do a fair bit of commission work and sometimes its much easier to speak directly to my client. I always follow up my conversation with an email detailing all that was agreed. That way there cannot be any misunderstandings.

Hope this helps,

Kind regards,

(Camilla) #12

The plan is to have 20% off all Moo products, and then have some Folksy branded materials too.

(Leslie Morton) #13

That will make it better, Camilla. I am sorry, but Folksy isn’t the only place I sell so having the logo on the card doesn’t work for me. And, as I stated, I find the logo, when printed on collateral, doesn’t send the message I want.

Kind regards,

(Jan Ryan) #14

I used to have my mobile number on my cards but decided to leave it off the last ones I got printed. I find it easier to initially deal with things via email. I usually have my mobile with me when I’m out and about or driving, I don’t have hands free so it has to go to answer machine and if I’m in a shop, cafe or restaurant etc I find it difficult to talk on the phone with all the background noise. So much easier to use email.