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What photos/designs do you put on your business card?

Hello all, I’m just working on some new business cards (going with moo this time with mixed designs) and can’t decide on which way to go… I’m thinking either photos of my products from my instagram (although they are usually one offs) or a range of fabric prints,so all brightly coloured and different. What do you put on yours? do you think it’s important to show what you sell? or is it just to get your contact info across to potential buyers? opinions greatly received! thanks. Kay :slight_smile:

Hi - I don’t have any of my artworks on my business card, just the contact details, but I have seen others who put photos on and they do look quite nice. It’s good to show off something you are particularly proud of, so if I were choosing between fabrics and one of my products, I’d choose my product! :smile:

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I don’t use business cards any more, but when I did I used to just have my contact details (shop, fb email) and my toadstool logo. I like your logo/ banner, it shows instantly what you’re about so maybe use that somewhere. It would be nice to use some of your products on some of the cards as long as it doesn’t take away from the information. :slight_smile:

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Remember that business cards have two sides. You can be as flamboyant as you like on one side, and put all your contact details in simple text on the other.


I love Moo cards! I used to order them with a variety of my mini paintings on the backs, but now I stick to having the painting I use as my avatar everywhere (the wee black bunny in the striped jumper) as now I feel I have more of a ‘brand’ so I want my card to be instantly recognisable as mine :slight_smile: It is fun to be able to have the variety of pics, though, and I do still order some so that I can use the cards in various craft ways, rather than as business cards :slight_smile:


I don’t have pictures of products as such - I use a larger version of my avatar as the background to my business card and then just have my details - I did try having product shots but it made it look a bit cluttered and I couldn’t decide which to put on - I’m glad now as my work has changed quite a bit and some of the older products I might have chosen have fallen by the wayside.

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i don’t have business cards - i have small a6 flyers that have my logo on one side and info. on reverse. i do this so i can write a message on it as well as have all my details which can easily be seen. i thought also that would more likely to be seen when putting in a parcel and also can double as a using as a note instead of putting in 2 separate things.
i also can use to hand out to people / physical shops.

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I have had several designs over the years, at the moment I have products and my name on the top half, with info at bottom. I think its important to be instantly recognisable and its my products that everyone recognises! Here’s a snapshot.

I’ve had it a while now tho, got another 750 to hand out, then I might change it again!!

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The photos on your cards work well and instantly give people and idea of what you do. Thanks for the snap shot. :slight_smile:

Mine have a product from my shop in fact I have 5 different products showing only one on each card of course.

Next time I order I want to change one of them for one of my patchwork items.

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Each time I get a new batch printed I select a different image or images. These ones are getting quite old but I will need to order some more soon anyway as I’m running low. I think I might go for a photo of one of my fordite pieces next time.


Sasha your cards look Fab! thanks for posting a pic :slight_smile:

Eilean,yes I like the idea of different pics on different cards. I think you can do that with moo

Thank Sally,I’m going to carry on with flyers too, they are great to hand out at events. The business cards are good for my lovely friends to hand out! they don’t fill thear bags up either! :slight_smile:

I get what your saying about 1 image as a brand, I’m not there yet! :slight_smile::rabbit:

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your input. I think I’m going to try both photos of one product and fabric too see which come out the best,which I think you can do with Moo. Then I can get some cheaper ones next time with one design maybe!

Another last question does anyone know why my avatar does not show up when it is on my shop?

Have a great Friday!
Kay x

Ignore my last question, I found the answer!

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You’ll get there :slightly_smiling:

Here’s how I used up some of my Moo cards that had images on them when I wanted to change my stle:

Also, the Moo Mini Cards are great fun too! I tend to use those rather than the standard sized cards, and you can still choose a variety of images to use on them :slight_smile:

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Great idea Sara! yes I like the mini cards too, which made me think of putting the fabric designs,so they look like fabric samples. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Funny I’ve been debating the same thing myself at the moment. I think a photo is the way to go having seen Sasha’s. I use my cards to mount earrings on when I sell them, I also write the product description on the back, which gemstones, sterling or plate etc. My current ones don’t have folksy on them so want to update them.

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