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(Sian ) #1

Ask other sellers about selling on Folksy.

Welcome to Shop Talk!

A second opinion and a little bit of advice from a fellow shopkeeper or two can be extremely helpful. This shopkeeper support forum is a great place to discuss your shop with other sellers and ask for critiques and opinions on your banners, avatars, photography, branding and all that kind of ‘shop talk’ stuff.

A few things to consider:

  • If you are giving advice to other sellers, please always be courteous
    and constructive. Remember our Guidelines!
  • Do not post promotional threads in this category. Use Showcase instead.
  • If you want to talk about what you’re making, please use the Craft Talk category.
  • Do not promote other selling sites or ask for advice about using competitor services.

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(Paulsart) #2
          hi there I have a folksy shop selling acrylic art
                   on canvas in a naïve art style if you have not yet had a look please do so
        my question is what is the best way to start selling on folksy .?
                      from paul aka paulsart

(junobug) #3


i’ve just joined folksy with my personalised christmas range and i have reached over 1000 sales on ebay but none here as yet lol … that said my point is why is everything illustrated with women … us men crafters do exist you know … that’s it lol … have a look at my stuff and let me know if women make better crafters than men !!!