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(Warakusi Art) #1

Hello !!! I am new to Folsky and I will appreciate some advice for selling my crafts :smile:
Thank you!

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Hi and welcome to Folksy, this thread might help you, it’s full of advice for new sellers and is pinned at the top of the shop talk forum.

(Margaret Jackson) #3

I’ve had a look at your shop and your boxes are lovely. It would be a good idea to fill in your Meet the Maker section and remember it’s Folksy here, not Folsky! :smile: (I changed your topic title for you to the correct spelling)

(Warakusi Art) #4

Hello, thank you so much for the link!!!..

(Warakusi Art) #5

Upppss!!!..:slight_smile: thank so for your advice!! I will do that! …