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Newbie fun!

(Terri Rose) #1

Hi all I’m a newbie here with a couple things for sale so far after re finding my passion for crafting in the past few weeks, yes I dusted off my old sewing machine and began to lose myself in a world of materials haha, then I discovered folksy :slight_smile: was just curious how other sellers are finding it on here, success stories, not so success stories, views and anything else :slight_smile: thanks

(Take2 Bottles) #2

I really enjoy having my shop on Folksy and have had a few sales. I promote my shop on Facebook and via business cards at craft fairs. Good luck with your new venture :slight_smile:

(Karen Ellam) #3

Hi, and welcome to Folksy :grinning::raising_hand_woman:

I really enjoy having my little shop here too.
The forums are a great place for friendly advice, and chatter.

Karen :cherry_blossom:

(Terri Rose) #4

Thanks take2 I’ve been pinning mine on pin interest to promote :slight_smile: thanks Karen, the forums are very interesting :slight_smile: