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Category Picture

Hi. I have just started populating my shop at The category pictures are rectangular but some of my products have square pictures. As the category picks up the picture from the first product added in that category I have animals and birds etc in some of my pictures and their heads are being chopped off because of the different shape display. Is it possible to move the picture around within the category display box to make it look better? Thanks

Hi Lucy! Love your images :slight_smile:

Some of my paintings are square so I understand the issue, but for myself I don’t mind it too much. I haven’t found a way of fixing this within the shop functions.

However, if i’st really bothersome to you, try adding a margin/mount digitally around your image, so that when displayed it shows the whole of the square artwork. This would work as long as you don’t mind the white vertical margins that would show on each side of your category image.


Hi - I raised a request to have square category pictures some time ago but I guess Folksy are working on more pressing ideas at the moment! Maybe if you add your vote it may bump it up the list!