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(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

Please can we also have a front page that shows a list of categories and when you finish a post take’s you back to either the part of the forum you’ve posted into or back to the list of Catogories

Rather than having to click on Catorgories each time to get back to the part of the forum one is trying to view.

Then can we simply have a hit new post button if you just want to see new posts.

(Christine Shephard) #2

If you click on the ‘Talk Folksy’ icon Eileen, there’s a header with a ‘New’ button and an ‘Unread’ button that filters out the posts for you. I go there every time, much easier!

Edited - the ‘Unread’ selection only includes the threads you’ve previously contributed to, so it’s easy to go back to a previous conversation.

(Helen Smith) #3

@EileensCraftStudio if you click on ‘Categories’ at the right hand end of the header (not the drop down list on the left) then you get a list of the categories very much like the front page of the old forum. From there you can go in to a category and choose the posts you want to read. To get from the post back to that category page either use the back button or click on the coloured category (eg ‘Showcase’) which will be showing at the top of your screen.

If you click ‘Talk Folksy’ you’ll get back to the main page.

Hope that helps!