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FREE Folksy shop promotion!

Hi all, please feel free to share your folksy shop links on our buy UK handmade Facebook page designed to help support UK craft makers. . Currently over 600 fans so hopefully this may drive a few more people to your shop.


Thanks for the offer but I’m not on Facebook

Hi, just posted :slight_smile:

would be lovely - thanks for the offer, but sadly I too am not on facebook :confused:


Thank you so much … I have just posted. :slight_smile:

thank you very much, posting now!

Thank you…I have added my folksy shop link

Thank you for offering us the opportunity to share our folksy shops.

Your all very welcome

Thank you so much for letting me share my new Folksy shop. I did get a little confused as I am on my iPad mini, but I think I posted in the end…new technology …not my strong point!

Thank you @andyblake. I too have shared my shop.

Hi- this is slightly off topic but sort of not… i didn’t want to start a new thread especially for it but I’ve tweeted a Folksy promotion. I thought it’d be good to have a day of promoting Folksy in general- not just my own shop. If loads of us could re tweet it , or even do your own Folksy post, that’d be great- it might help spread the word about the Folksy brand… or maybe not! But it’s worth a go isn’t it.

Here’s my tweet