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2016 Diet/healthy eating

Yep, once again Im sorry, but these things seem to be never ending.
I lost 6lbs last year and only put on 1lb over Xmas which is astonishing for me!
So, yesterday a take away was consumed, illness was felt, today vegetables have been bought and good intentions will begin.
My pal is getting married in September so Id like to lose 2 stone for that(assuming il be invited).

Anybody else attempting healthy eating(sounds better than using the word diet)?

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I’ve been going to Slimmingworld for about 6months and have lost 2st 5.5lbs so far, good luck with your healthy eating x


Well, I am trying again .
Lost quite a lot at the beginning of last year , but managed to put it all back on again .
My husband bought me one of the wristband monitor things like the Fitbit, so I can see how much or little I am moving , eating , sleeping etc each day. It also has a graph for weight and gives daily tips on how to reach desired weight. I’m hoping it will keep me motivated.


I love the idea of healthy eating…just don’t seem to like anything that is healthy!! Oh dear I think I am sunk. :worried:

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What with my mother-in-law passing away in December, then Christmas and then a holiday, we haven’t done our weekly fast day for about 6 weeks, but we started again on Tuesday and feel better for it already. It’s made such a difference to us over the last two years that I think it is something we will continue indefinitley. Good luck everyone, I hope you will all share your healthy eating tips.


This is the weekend where I start to make a difference with my eating, sadly yesterday turned into a day where I ate every single bit of chocolate in the house to make sure there was none left for the new week when the healthy eating really kicks in.


I’ve got a fitbit too if anyone wants to be my friend! I find it really motivating! is my email for adding!

I got to target at Slimming World last year in March and have maintained having lost 5 1/2 stone. Size 20 to size 10. I totally eat lots of food everyday and thoroughly recommend it if you haven’t tried it! (I don’t work for them!)

Good luck everyone with whatever regime you commit to this year! xx


That’s a wonderful achievement Susan!

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We started healthy eating last summer, by going vegetarian in the week. We use Quorn as well as just normal veggie recipes and the kids and my meat eating hubby have taken to it really well. I wanted to make this change specifically for health reasons having lots my sister to bowel cancer and reading that meat (red and processed in particular) can contribute to that. We do still eat meat at weekends, but I buy organic and free range wherever possible as until I am confident in ensuring we’re getting all our vits/minerals from veggie food, I don’t want to compromise our health a different way.

Our christmas present this year for ourselves is an exercise bike! I also bought a nutribullet so I can get even more healthy fruit and veg in our diet and walk the dog every lunchtime. So far so good!

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Congrats Dottie !
My gadget is a jawbone UP - so unfortunately we are uncompatible :frowning:

I will look for a slimming world near me , I could do with losing a few stone.


Ive swapped mayo to diet mayo, theres something like a 600calorie difference per portion. Ive added chilli to it which gives some flavour and apparently chilli helps weight loss.
Anybody else watching the prog on channel 4, How to lose weight well?

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Yes I watched the programmes so far back to back yesterday afternoon whilst working on a project. It’s fascinating but there are some diets I definitely wouldn’t try!! Can’t wait for the next one!

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I had great success with the 5:2 last year, it was easier to stick to than daily calorie counting and I found skipping carbs on fast days helpful in keeping my calorie intake down. We ate a lot of lentils and veg! Whenever I was hungry I had a glass of water. I didn’t crave food afterwards either, it lowered my appetite.
I’m keeping the weight off by having occasional carb free days now. It’s been very helpful in making me think about what I eat and why.

We swapped to a plant based diet - vegetarian, but mainly vegan - stopped drinking alcohol regularly, and use less fat in our cooking.

I measure one teaspoon of oil into the pan if I’m sauteing, or toss veg in the same amount for roasting. It makes almost no difference to the taste, I was surprised to find.

Both myself and my husband have lost weight and still eat lots!

Hi, I started at the weekend and I’m more or less following the NHS Choices diet plan suggested by the practise nurse at our GPs. I’m too embarrassed to reveal what I weigh but I have added a third of my body weight in the last 3 or 4 years, so I’m determined to try and lose it again.

I find the plan fairly easy so far- you eat around 300 cals for 2 meals and 400 for 1 and have 200 floating cals making a total of 1400 a day. Not a fast loss but I’ll be happy with a 1 or 2 a week if possible.

I’d like to try the 5:2 but as I get a lot of migraines I’m not sure about trying it. I know someone in our village has lots around 3 stone on it.

My husband and I did a version of the 5:2 diet and we both lost 2 stone. We just ate plenty of green vegetables steamed in the microwave with garlic and Ginger. We drink lots of green tea, cut out a lot of carbs. Eat pears and green apples and basically cut down on portion sizes. They say Chillies are good for loosing weight, they get your metabolism going. I’ve gone from a size 16 trousers to almost a 12. I’ve had to give a lot of my clothes to charity and I was so pleased at the weekend when I bought a new dress to find it was size 8, but I most state the dress was made in the Philippines so their sizes must be different to ours.


Wow Pauline that’s great. :smiley: I may give it a go in a few weeks but first I’m going to ease myself in gently with the NHS one.

I don’t think Ive lost any weight but still trying.
I went to Asda today and found some gorgeous baggy trousers, summery floaty things like pyjama bottoms, in the sale , but they only had size 12(Im usually a 16). I tried to get them on(wishful thinking) but obviously they didn’t get past my hips. But as I loved them so much I measured them against me and the jeans I had on, bought them anyway, snipped the side seam and I can get them on easily and they fit round the waist, I just need to add a zip, hooray!


That’s so clever! xxx

I’ve have lost 18 lb since July with the help of an app that measures what you eat and counts the calories you burn with exercise (I just walk). You have to weight everything and be careful of what you eat, but it worked and I have to buy new clothes because everything I got now is big!