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Christmas is coming what are we doing?

(BaudelaireBazaar) #1

hi this is my first proper time posting on here…
so im wondering we are all doing to attract shoppers.
apart from adding some cristmas tags, i was thinking of offering complimentary gift wrapping? Posting directly to the recipient. I was also thinking i may do some special offers if people buy a few items. Such as 3 sets of grips for £12 ( normally £15) .

Anything you have planned or think would be a good idea.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

If you are going to post to another address rather than the one from the customers paypal address be sure to cancel the sale refund and ask the customer to add the new address to their paypal account and rebuy with the correct postal address.

If you don’t you will not be covered under paypal’s Seller Protection thingie.

Best to check out the paypal seller protection rules first.

Don’t forget to do all your usual promoting of your items

(Heidi Meier) #3

Really good tip. I now check the addresses given on Folksy against the addresses given on Paypal and only ever had one that differed, but it pays to be careful, especially for those higher priced times! :smile: