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Christmas.......when do you start?

I’m Just curious to know when do you start making for ‘silly season’…xmas that is​:grinning::christmas_tree:
Steph x

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Ho ho ho! I sold a Baby’s First Christmas book from my own website last week! I think Grandparents especially like to budget and spread out the cost so having things available is a good idea :slight_smile: I know some people don’t like to think about it but… Also for Press releases etc the cut off date for Christmas is usually June 30th! x

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…well the days are getting shorter after that date, but I wont even have been on summer holiday!!
I guess you start making when the inclination takes a hold, depends on how long it takes to make…but if each listing lasts 3 months I work backwards from the date when I think everyone is internet bought out and list around then.
Suzzie x

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Certainly in my family the grandparents do start talking about Christmas in July. They also spend the most money on it :wink: !!!

Sam x

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I don’t really make any Christmas specific items any more, no space to store the left overs! When I used to I always started around July/August time and still ran out of time. I think if I still did Christmas things I would probably just do a little bit here and there throughout the year.

Like Roz @OrchardFelts , I don’t make things specially for Christmas any more. I made copper hanging decorations once, but people didn’t want to pay what I was asking and I didn’t want to give them away!
They literally hung around for quite a while… :slight_smile:

Yep, I agree - I’ve got a love/hate relationship with Christmas items.
Love some of the Christmas fabrics but hate having unsold items taking up space forever afterwards.

Plus, I find it really hard to get motivated for the Christmas season as since my son grew up I’ve been a bit jaded by the whole Christmas thing.

Sarah x

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I make and sell Christmas items all year round. I live in a place where we get lots of holiday makers and I always try to do craft fairs around the holiday season and it’s unbelievable how many holiday makers buy my Christmas decorations because they know they won’t be in my area at Christmas time. So because of that it’s always Christmas time in my house.


I’m another of those who doesn’t have specific christmas items but I start building up stock levels and applying for christmas markets in January.

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I have lots of family birthdays in June and July so whilst I’m looking around for them if I spot something for Christmas I might buy and squirrel it away! I tend to start Christmas items in August for my shop, it just seems too early before that for me!

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I tend not to do very many seasonal or specific-occasion items, but I do have a new blank notecard design that is in the right colours to double as a Christmas card so I will probably list that soon. Actually, my shop is currently devoid of notecards - need to rectify that & get some added! :slight_smile:

I started prepping for Xmas in January as I sell my Xmas products all year round. If I didn’t want to sell them all year, I’d launch them in July as this is when the press start prepping for Xmas

This is really hard for me every year. It always surprises me when chatting to people at craft fairs in August and they are already buying Christmas presents. I would prefer to shop, wrap and post on the last Saturday before Christmas, like I did as a child. I really hate seeing trees and displays up in shops before November.

But I do understand that in a world where many people shop online for next day delivery, there are also those who want to buy weeks or even months in advance.

I have sold a few of my @RosesFeltWorkshop Christmas tree decorations in July, so I would display a few and see what comments I get. These are small and easy to store, so making happens year-round.

My @rosesworkshop shop doesn’t really have Christmas specific items. What I would think of as Winter items - woolly hats and gloves for example - I make after my annual visit to Woolfest in June for new wool. I don’t normally start listing them until mid-August, but it’s so cold today I’m considering re-listing what’s left of last year’s stock!