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Confused about tags

I seemed to have missed the info about clickable tags which came out at the end of last year and I have now caught up on the blog post but I am finding it all very confusing. What I really want to know is are phrase tags better than single words?

So I originally tagged my birthday cards with the single word tags : Birthday card 1st childrens etc
but should I actually be doing phrases now ?

Phrases always made more sense to me anyway but I thought maybe Folksy used the single words in combination.
Can anyone help?

The current iteration of the algorithm looks for closeness of the tags (and title/ description) to the search phrase so if someone searches for ‘birthday card’ items tagged ‘birthday card’ will come before items tagged ‘birthday’ and ‘card’ in the search results. So yes phrases are better than single words. I can see that having some single word tags in conjunction with 2 or 3 word tags might be useful where there are synonyms for a word eg kid’s / child’s so a customisable kid’s birthday card could be tagged ‘custom birthday card’, ‘kid’s’, ‘child’s’ that way you should feature fairly highly in searches for both ‘custom kid’s birthday card’ and ‘custom child’s birthday card’ (there is a max character limit that you can have for your tags hense not having both varients of the 4 word tag). You then have to play guess what search terms people are more likely to use - are you better off going for ‘custom birthday card’ or ‘kids birthday card’ - but I guess if you use one set on one item and a different set on a different item you can then see which gets you more views and adjust accordingly.
I think the first version of the search algorithm did use single words in combination but didn’t produce very user friendly results leading to the change.


I am hopeless at getting my tags right :frowning: always had this trouble :confused:

Just because I know the theory doesn’t mean I’m any good at applying it…


I use a combination of single words and 2 or 3 word phrases.

There is a very old thread;

Where you post an item from your shop and people can chip in with tag suggestions, sometimes they see things differently to you…

Thanks Sasha I feel much clearer now! I now need to do lots of work on my tags because I think I did them all when 1 word tags were advised! Still fingers crossed this advice will help my pitiful views!