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Does anyone know whether a more active shop has more of a likelihood of getting found here on Folksy? I feel as my sales have slumped, so has my enthusiasm so I list less etc and have concentrated my efforts elsewhere. But is this harming my potential on Folksy? It’s really tricky. Folksy used to be so good for me and feel I am at a real crossroads with it. I have a day job so time is limited.
Does anyone know the technicalities of the search?

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Hi Emma, your cards are lovely, but I do think you will have a better chance of being found the more items you have in your shop . I know it is difficult to have the motivation to make new things if you are not selling. Could you try adding something new like party invitations, or notelets etc. Best of luck with your shop.

thanks Dawn,
Yes I agree I used to have lots more in my shop but now because sales have dropped and views are so low I guess I feel like I am wasting money listing which is a downward spiral I know!
Thanks for you reply,
Emma x

To help with being found by people already browsing the site try playing about with your tags - we can have 2 or 3 word tags and if someone searches for eg ‘valentines card’ all the items tagged ‘valentines card’ as a single 2 word tag will be higher up in the rankings than those tagged as ‘valentines’ and ‘card’ as the algorithm sees it as a better match. Also having a more diverse range in your shop would help with being found eg you could attract the people searching for children’s party invites as well as birthday cards. However this does need to be done carefully to keep your shop looking cohesive and professional.
Good luck.

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